A Sensory Experience: 4 Ways To Find Your Decorating Style

Decorating can be a fickle experience, especially if you don’t end up actually liking what you finished product looks like. One of the safest way to explore decor is to really know what you like to begin with. That should save you the time and trouble of a do-over and make shopping for your home much more successful. Here are four ways to find your decorating style:

One: Find Your Comfort Zone

Some people are perfectly at home in a living room as ornate as Donald and Melania Trump’s, but that sort of thing isn’t for everyone. Take note of how you feel in different decors and atmospheres. Does a modern arrangement make you feel at home? Is a country setting more your style?

Know what you prefer in general and you have a good base on which to form more decorating ideas.

Two: Know What Colors You Truly Love

You may think blue is your favorite color, but don’t stop there: Learn what hues you prefer and how to work with them to create a subtle or bold statement. For example, if you mix a purple and green, would your stomach turn? If so, you may be more into subtle, needing traditional combinations for your home.

If, on the other hand, a purple and blue combo is very appealing, maybe you’re not decorating your home with enough boldness. Beyond basic matching, colors are an intricate and artistic way to express yourself and instigate a certain mood around the house.

Three: Use Scents To Guide Your Decorating Palette

Sometimes, you just don’t know what direction you want to take with decorating and under no circumstances should you proceed until you do. Stop, breathe and relax and use your sense of smell as a new guide.

If you adore the smell of cinnamon, a rustic red might be in order around your home; if lilac is your love, try a soft and gentle purple in the bedroom or if you think lemon smells best, hand yellow curtains in the kitchen or living room and see where that takes you.

Your senses play a big role in your comfort, creativity, productivity and even your health, so fill your surroundings with what appeals to you personally. Keep experimenting until you find exactly the right combination of colors to decorate your home and love every room in it.

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