There are many ways to finance your self storage property

Sell it!- Step 3 in Raising Private Money

Build your information and credibility kit or website.

You need to put together an information package for prospective clients.  You always want to carry these kits with you because you never know when you are going to meet your next private investor.  Be ready to share your website.  Your website should sell your program to your potential investors.  Everything that is in your kit should also be on your website.

Your kit should have the following:

  1. Write a biography about you with your achievements, even if they are not industry related. Let your clients get to know YOU. That brings trust.
  2. Write up information about other people and staff in your company.  Show them that your team has the experience necessary to be very successful.
  3. Mission Statement: Tell prospects what your operation is about and what’s important to you. Give them your “why’.
  4. Include Certificates: Memberships, associations, awards, licenses, etc.
  5. Testimonials: From buyers, sellers, investors, CPA, attorney, banker, insurance agent, title company, etc.  The more testimonials you have, the better.  Let other people sell you so that you don’t have to sell yourself.
  6. Free Special Reports: For sellers, buyers and foreclosure. It’s OK to use the one-page advertorial, flyers or copies of advertorials that have run publicly.
  7. Include Press Write-Ups: Stories about you, your company, your community service, etc. and articles you have had published in print or online.
  8. Actual Deals: Show them some of your buy/sell transactions.  If possible, show them how much your private lender made or could have made on the deal. Photos are a must.
  9. Show them your Association Memberships: Real Estate Investor Association, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc.
  10. Private Lender info: Sales letter, Information kit or lender presentation slides.

NEVER use the words “guaranteed return” on your site

Typically, it’s not nice to brag. BUT in this case, bragging is what it’s all about. You NEED to make those prospective see that you are the one to support!

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