Create and Share- with Everyone!- Steps 4&5 in Raising Private Money

Most of the hard thinking parts have been done! Now the fun creativity begins.

Create your Presentation

When you are presenting to your investors, you should use a written outline, a brochure or Power Point slides to cover all the benefits of your private investor program.  Make sure that your examples are clear and concise and that the investor can easily understand what you are asking them to do.  Use past examples in your presentation and then make sure that you answer common questions or objections in your presentation. This will help them to better understand your investor program.  Always include testimonials and have a call to action.

Seize the Opportunity to Share your New Program

Always be on the lookout to share your elevator speech with people.  You never know who you are going to meet that might be interested in partnering with you.  Make appointments whenever you can so that you can more fully explain your investor program to your potential investor.  You want to be able to show them your prepared presentation.  NEVER advertise your program on Facebook, Twitter, or other advertising mediums as general solicitation will get you a nice visit from the Securities and Exchange Commission!

There are many people that you can talk to about your program.  Start with your warm list. Physically write these names down. And then when you have that list, personally reach out those people. Don’t make it robotic. That wouldn’t make people want to help you!

Who could your list include?

  • your friends and your family members.
  • your business associates, your employees, your contractors, your vendors and your dream team.
  • fellow attendees at seminars, conventions and retreats.
  • sellers, homeowners with equity and retail buyers.
  • real estate entrepreneurs, real estate investors and landlords.
  • your previous and current private lenders plus any of their referrals.
  • business owners, executives and professionals that you meet
  • members of your REIA, your Chamber, your Rotary Club, etc.
  • Talk to contacts made during business travel or pleasure travel.
  • retirees, retirement plan owners or IRA holders you know.
  • your in-house buyer/seller follow-up list.
  • your entire in-house contact list.

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