When You Can’t Fly The Flag: 4 Ways To Display Your Patriotism, Right In Your Front Yard

You might be governed by a homeowners association, which has set strict, anti-flag rules. Or you could be in any number of areas across the nation where flying the American flag is considered controversial and therefore banned. From a school district in Tennessee to football games in South Carolina and even concerts, like Lana Del Ray shows, it seems more and more places have some problem with patriotism. Nonetheless, there are ways you can get your patriotism out in the open, and nobody can do a thing about it.

1. On Painted Birdhouses

A birdhouse or two should be acceptable in most places. Build or buy a few and paint them in the colors of Old Glory. You don’t have to decorate with actual flags. But you can express your love of country in a beautiful way.

2. All Over Your Mailbox

Mailboxes are a necessity in life, no matter who is in charge. If you’re dealing with a strict HOA, use red, white and blue lettering to spell your last name and they can’t complain. If there’s a little more leniency, post a real flag on your mailbox. Know that, even though you buy and install the mailbox, it actually belongs to the United States Post Office. Legally anyone touching it could be in violation of Federal Law.

3. In A Large Picture Window

Can anyone stop you from hanging a flag in your window? That’s doubtful, no matter where you live or whose rules you have to live by. You could simply put a small lamp in the window with an American flag on the shade. This will serve as a signal of your defiance and in support of your country.

4. On The Vehicle Parked In Your Driveway

From vanity plates proclaiming patriotism to flag decals in the windows, nobody can take exception to how you decorate your personal vehicle. If not being able to fly the flag high has got you feeling low, deck your car or truck out in full American colors, instead.

Sadly, the flying of the American flag has become a controversial issue. In some cases, it’s been banned, outright. Even firefighters, some of the most hard working and dedicated people in the country, are being forced to defend their beloved flag. In your own front yard, where you may be told the flag is not acceptable, get a little creative and find ways to work around the rules, so you can still show your patriotism, with pride. Now pull that patriotism you’ve been building up out of personal storage and find a way to show it proudly!

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