Bathroom Too Small? 5 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Make It Feel Bigger

The bathroom is easily one of the most utilized rooms in any home. Unfortunately, they’re often made smaller than they should be. If your power room is tiny and you can’t do a big remodel, consider one or more of the following ways in which you can use illusion to add space and increase comfort.

1. Limit Your Use of Color

White or other pale colors are best when you’re trying to make your bathroom look bigger, as other colors tend to minimize space or convolute symmetry. Keep your bathroom a light color and accent it with decor that’s simple and small. Metallic accents might be best, like polished nickel shelves or gold-trimmed lighting.

2. Add Recessed Lighting

Lights are necessary in the bathroom; however, they often add bulk to an already small space. If you can add them yourself, recessed lighting elements shouldn’t be too expensive and they add a lot of style and function. Scone lights on either side of your bathroom mirror obfuscate what should be simple lines, making the whole room look busier and even cluttered.

3. Use Mirrors

Flat, non-framed mirrors will offer the appearance of space, without actually filling it up with anything. Mirrors add function, too, which is very important in the bathroom. You might also place mirrors on two sides of the room, so that it creates an endless space effect.

4. Eliminate Clutter

Although it’s hard to manage all the personal products and appliances you have in the bathroom, leaving them out only makes it look cluttered, messy and even smaller. Use an tote bag to transport things from your bedroom to the bath, or make better use of your shelves and cabinets, if possible. Start by getting a small household storage to put everything into. Only bring back in what you need!

5. Match The Ceiling With The Floor

A simple and effective way to expand space you don’t actually have is to paint the ceiling in a very similar color to the floor. That will make it look like you have more square footage, even though you’re actually in desperate need of it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your bathroom look bigger, but you do need to put some work into it. Sadly, most people aren’t satisfied with the size of their bathroom(s) and if you can’t renovate, you should definitely innovate!

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