Is Your Decor Stuck In The ’70s? Four Ways To Modernize The Look Of Your Home

So, your house still looks like the set of the Brady Bunch? You haven’t changed much of anything in the home for decades? That’s no way to live, even if you’re a fan of nostalgia. Take a deep breath, then take a look at a few ways you can motivate yourself into creating a brand-spanking new and modern look for your home.

1. Buy One New Center Piece For Every Room In Your House

Adding one new and important piece to a room gives you a starting point. From there, change different decorating elements in the room to coordinate with the new and exciting addition.

2. Refresh All The Paint

As daunting as it may sound, a fresh coat of pain in all your rooms will boost the brightness, as well as wash away that ’70s feel. While you could repaint using the same colors, it’s probably a good idea to at least change the hue. Ideally, each color should fit the function of the room, such as a calm blue for the bedrooms and a soft yellow in the kitchen. The new paint should inspire other positive changes to bring the rooms into the modern era.

3. Take Down Family Photos

Especially if they’re dusty and framed in old-fashioned styles, taking down all your family photos and redoing them in a modern way will help any room climb out of the ’70s. You could create a collage in a single, sleek frame or simply replace the dusty old styles with new colors and contemporary shapes.

4. Throw A Ginormous Yard Sale

You’re never going to change the look of your home’s interior if you don’t clear out all the old “stuff” just hanging around, gathering dust. Make a promise to yourself that you will throw away anything you can’t sell, because if nobody else is interested in it, you shouldn’t be, either. While you’re not going to put out any family heirlooms or other items with sentimental value, you do want a clean slate in every room, so you can truly begin transforming the style. not sure what to do with those heirlooms? Rent yourself a self-storage unit until you find the right place for them.

A new look for your home can inspire you in many ways, from inviting more of your favorite people over to working out and eating healthier. Start soon, to begin enjoying the look, feel and benefits of your more modern, less Brady Bunch home.

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