Cooking Claustrophobia: 6 Ways To Add Space And Function To Your Small Kitchen

The kitchen is traditionally one of the favorite rooms in any home. If yours is too small, cooking in it could leave you feeling claustrophobic. Don’t let your kitchen cramp your style! Find ways to add space and function that’ll make you fall in love with the most important room in your house.

1. Hang ‘Em High

Pots, pans and other useful items can be hung on walls to save cabinet space, but to also make them more easily accessible for you. They could also hang from a ceiling rack!

2. Downsize Appliances

If you don’t need a full-sized refrigerator or dishwasher, go ahead and trade them in for smaller models. This will open up so much potential space! (not they will be easier to clean and move to clean under! Who doesn’t like to make cleaning easier?)

3. Install Cabinets Right To The Ceiling

High cabinets can serve as storage areas for canned goods, fine China and other things you don’t use everyday. Just make sure you have a safe way in which to access them when the time comes, such as a handy step-ladder or super tall family member. Make a list of what you store up on the top shelves, too, so you know how to find what you’re looking for later.

4. Add Shelves Everywhere

Shelves can easily be added anywhere in your kitchen, from above the stove to inside large cabinets to over the dining table. They can be functional, yet attractive, especially if you add things like live plants or your favorite collectibles.

5. Consider A Pull-Out Style Pantry

Building a pull-out style pantry isn’t too difficult nor expensive, but it can add tons of space. A small area, say 6-8 inches wide and the height of your kitchen from floor to ceiling, would yield a considerable amount of storage space. With a pull-out feature, it slides right back into the wall, leaving you with more breathing and working room.

6. Widen The Entry Way

A door in your kitchen will make it look even smaller than it is; however, widening the entry way has the opposite effect. Take the door off and cut out and finish an arch-style shape, and voila, the area is open and airy, looking far more spacious.

You should love your kitchen, as much as you love the food that comes out of it. Just because you can’t magically make it bigger, doesn’t mean you can’t give it more space and function.

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