DIY Seller? Here’s How To Put Your Home On The Market Like A Pro

When you want to sell your home, it may feel like you have a million daunting tasks to take care of. In reality, there are just a few very important things to take care of. Start with the following if you really want to market your home like a pro.

1. Get The House And Property Ready

You’ll need your yard (including that cluttered garage!) and home all cleaned up, long before you put your home up for sale. People want to see not what you’re doing with the place, but what they can do, so show them an empty canvas, both inside and out. Rent yourself a self-storage unit and fill it up!

2. Know The Right Price For Your Property

No matter what you paid for your home or how emotionally attached to it you are, you need a good market value price for it. Study the area for comparable houses and calculate a selling price that’s in line with what the going rate for the neighborhood is. While you want to sell fast, you want to retain as much profitability from the scenario as possible.

3. Blitz The Advertising

From Craigslist to your local newspapers and Facebook groups and more, go all out in your advertising efforts. It shouldn’t cost you much and word-of-mouth can help, too, so tell all your friends and family to help you spread the word about the fabulous home going up for sale!

4. Put A Sign Up And Be Ready To Show

You could catch the eye of a potential buyer who just happens to be driving by. Making a lawn sign an essential tool for your home marketing efforts. Place it strategically by the roadside, to make sure it’s visible and buy something attractive and sturdy, to reflect your good taste and caring. You need to be ready to alter plans for showings! If you are doing this yourself, you will need to be ready to show your home to potential buyers.

5. Take Names And Numbers

Even if a viewer doesn’t make you an offer on your house, it’s a good idea to take their name and number. After 3-5 days, give them a ring or drop them an email to find out if they’ve given more thought to buying. Making connections is a very important part of selling your home, so keep in touch with your customers.

Getting the word out about your home means a bunch of people coming through your door, possibly at all hours. Therefore, be ready for just about anything at just about anytime of the day!

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