Global Warming Alert: Is Your Home’s Future At Risk?

Have you heard all the talk about global warming and climate change? Even if you aren’t fully convinced the talk is true, you know the weather is getting crazy out there. Is your area at risk? Could something devastating happen to your home as a result of global warming? Let’s find out:

Do You Live In A Coastal Region?

Oceans may not be rising to catastrophic levels yet, but they sure are swelling to new heights during storms. Hurricane Sandy proved that when she belted the Northeast, especially Jersey Shores. So exercise caution if you live in a coastal region or are planning to more there.

Are You Close To Any Large Lake Or River?

You don’t even need to be near the mighty ocean to experience “historic” flooding anymore, but if you’re close enough to a large lake or river, it may seem like you’re seaside. Consider the benefits of mountain living, if you’ve had one flooded basement catastrophe after another and if you’re thinking about moving somewhere close to a large body of water, make sure you have plenty of insurance.

Is Your Home In A Low Lying Area?

Low lying areas experiencing more rain than usual are also being battered by floods, making it essential for anyone shopping for a home to carefully research the area. Have an adequate drainage system, to ensure that water travels away from your home during heavy rains, too.

Are You In An Extreme Temperature Zone?

As if the waterworks weren’t enough, temperatures are bonkers, too. That may mean extreme highs only getting higher as we delve further into the changing climate. If you’re thinking of relocating to a place like Texas or Tennessee, make sure you have enough air-conditioning power to stay comfortable.

How Does The Northwest Sound?

One area that may spare its inhabitants of the more brutal temperatures and conditions is the Northwest. Cities like Seattle and Portland, right next to the cool Pacific, tend to fare better than other areas. The ocean doesn’t often get tossed around by storms like the Northeast, either.

Although, the Northwest does have other issues you may have to contend with, so be certain it’s the right place for you, before you start packing up.

Anything can happen, no matter where you live. It may be wise to follow reports regarding global warming and be prepared for anything. Whatever is causing it, the weather sure is getting crazier and therefore, you need to get smarter.

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