Is There A Robot In The House? Four Reasons To Dive Into The Smart Home Craze

You have a great home, filled with awesome furnishings that make it feel like your castle, but is it as safe and secure as it can be? Would smart home technology make your home a more efficient place? Here are four reasons to consider diving into this fad with full force.

1. Security Against Intruders

According to the FBI, there were 7,919,035 property crimes committed in 2016, and the numbers keep going up. A smart home can provide security for you and your family in a number of ways. From alerting you to an intruder to automatically calling police for you, smart home technology is helping consumers feel more comfortable about crime statistics.

2. Safety Under Any Circumstances

Fires, carbon monoxide poison, and other threats loom in any home, but the smarter your tech is, the safer you may be. They can alert you to dangers! They can even turn things off for you such as a stove burner or iron left on, even if you’ve left the house. AI is making life in general much less hazardous.

3. Saving Money On Utilities

If you’re always cursing out your utility companies for the hefty bills you receive every month, know that automation can help. Rather than constantly turning the heat up while a housemate is opening a window, a good smart home system can advise you about efficiency in real time, along with regulating temps as comfortably as possible for everyone.

4. Showing Off Your Tech Savvy To All Who Enter

Isn’t it fun to show off your cool toys? It’s also wise, in this day and age, to be at least somewhat knowledgeable about technology. Being surrounded by such a system will help your kids learn how to master tech (if they haven’t already), but it’s good for you to know, too. The buzz could inspire a career change or at the very least, you’ll have the coolest home on the block.

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