Kids And Construction Don’t Mix: 3 Things To Do With The Family While Your House Is Being Renovated

Having anything in your home renovated is an exciting time! Its understandable that you just can’t wait to see the finished product. But having workers and subsequent mess around the house, your family is greatly inconvenienced. Don’t fret; have a plan of action during construction, instead.

1. Camp Out In The Backyard

If you’re having your bedrooms remodeled and you happen to have a backyard, put it to good use. Pitch a few tents, learn a few camp songs, and break out the marshmallows, because you’re all going camping. The kids will love all the excitement, and you won’t need to worry about them sleeping with two-by-fours and other hazards.

2. Go For Picnics

Most especially if you’re having your kitchen done, you can’t be cooking three square meals a day in it. Find a place in the yard or at a local park and declare it your family’s temporary picnic place. Pack a bag (or real picnic basket, if you have one), filled with all your family favorites and enjoy meals together, in the great outdoors.

3. Exchange Sleepovers

Ask the parent’s of your kids’ friends if your children can sleep at their house for a few nights now, then once the construction fuss is all over at your house, return the favor. This can be an excellent and efficient way for the kids to have fun, while keeping your home a better place for the renovating team to work in.

It won’t be long until the remodeling or construction is completed on your home and all will go back to normal. But until that time, do what you can to keep the kids, pets and everyone else clear of the work area, for everyone’s safety. The work will be completed much faster and you’ll have fewer headaches in the process, too.

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