Make Your Bedroom More Romantic: The Classic (And Timeless) Style Of Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor was easily one of the most beloved women in Hollywood and her romantic style is matched by none. If you’re looking to create that sense of style and beauty in your bedroom, follow a few easy steps and you’ll be sleeping like the legend herself in no time at all.

1. Use Lilac As Your Go-To Color

Liz famously loved purple, and as the color of royalty, it’s great for adding romance and classic style to your bedroom. Even a deep, dark purple would work, adding depth and pizzazz. Especially the carpeting (which was often a light lilac for Liz), express your fashion sense with color, texture and comfort.

2. Let There Be Light

While you may use artificial lighting to apply makeup, you need natural lighting for your health, along with adding a warm effect to the entire room. Adorn your windows with a sheer fabric curtain and make sure plenty of sunshine is coming in.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Little Ruffle

Ruffle is never out of style and it’s always romantic. If you’re a fan of the ruffle, you’re a little like Liz and she liked small touches of it throughout her bedroom. Choose a ruffled bed skirt, with matching pillow shams for a totally hopeless romantic feel.

4. Show Your Fashion Style

What you wear, too, can add style to your decor. For instance, a neatly arranged row of high-heels at the foot of your bed would look nice, or a coat rack with your favorite outdoor wear. It adds a personal sense, without punishing your style.

5. Definitely Add Vanity To The Mix

A real vanity, that is, complete with a matching stool. Liz loved getting ready for galas and appearances, at her own special place and her own pace (she was actually late for her own funeral). Invest in a high-quality sitting area where you can fix your hair, primp your outfits, and feel like the most beautiful person on earth.

Most people want something more out of their home decor, but not all of them really go for it. If you’re aching for a pretty, frilly and romantic bedroom, in the classic and coveted style of Ms. Taylor, why not get going on it, right now?

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