Bad Neighbors? Here Are Five Ways To Deal With Them

Your home is your castle, until bad neighbors move in, making your life miserable. If this is going on in your life, you need fast help before you’re driven completely crazy. Here are five fast ways to deal with horrible neighbors in hopes that you can quickly solve this most unbearable problem.

1. Talk To An Authority

You need to know your rights and what rules or laws are being broken by your neighbors. If you rent, have a friendly conversation with your landlord and if you own the house you live in, speak with a town (or city) official. Don’t be afraid to ask the police directly, too, especially if your neighbors are acting in a dangerous manner or one that disrupts the entire neighborhood.

2. Try And Make Peace

As hard as it may be, think about trying to talk to your obnoxious neighbors at least once, before declaring all out war. There may have been a misunderstanding along the way or perhaps a friendly conversation could actually convince them to alter their ways. No matter what, though, you’ll have proof positive that you made the effort to do the right thing!

3. Keep A Record Of What’s Happening

If they continue with their evil ways, start making a record of it. Note how late they were noisy or how many strange characters they have parading in and out of their home all day. No matter what they’re up to, find a way to document it and be meticulous in your record-keeping, such as including time, date and even license plate numbers.

4. Take Them To Court

Follow up with whatever authority you talked to in the beginning, telling them you have no other choice but to take the matter up in court. Speak with an attorney or talk to the court administrator and find out exactly what you need to do to legally pursue peace and quiet in your immediate area.

5. If All Else Fails, Consider Moving

While you don’t want to give up or give in, you do want to live happily ever after. Therefore, you might be better off finding a new place, as opposed to being at constant war with your neighbors.

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