Recipe For Success: 6 Delicious Foods To Serve At Your Open House

Throwing an open house can be really nerve-racking, but what’s the one thing that sets everyone at ease? Food! While you don’t want to go overboard or have to spend too much, you do want to impress everyone that walks through your door, along with keeping the rumbling out of their tummies, so they’ll want to leisurely linger around your home. Feeding them well could enhance your sales possibilities, right there on the spot!

1. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Few smells are more welcoming than freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, so even if these aren’t eaten, they’ll work magic around your home.

2. Bite-Sized Sandwiches

Small and neat sandwiches are traditional at open houses, and with good reason: they don’t usually make a mess. Offer different types of fillings, such as Italian cold-cuts, chicken salad and spreads. Be sure to avoid foods that are common allergy triggers, though, like peanut butter.

3. A Fruit And Veggie Tray

This simple, easy to prepare tray should have something for everyone, from carrots and broccoli to olives and grapes. Pick foods with vivid colors or coordinate them with your kitchen, for really chic nibbles.

4. BBQ!

If your open house has a real open and friendly feel, designate someone to cook up a barbecue in your backyard. That way, guests will be drawn to the back of your home, having to walk through it to get there. Let the scent linger as people check out your house, eventually inviting them to the outdoor feast, where you’ll fill their bellies, cementing a positive and productive relationship.

5. Pre-Packaged Snacks

If you’re worried about mess, but don’t want anyone to leave on account of their hunger pains, just present them with an assortment of bagged or box snacks in individual sizes. Opt for higher end and satisfying foods, to keep people hanging around and chatting about your lovely home.

6. A Variety Of Breads, With Cheese

If you have the culinary talent, bake up a few loaves of bread from different countries. A long loaf of Italian and a fat loaf of French, for example, are sure to be inviting and just about irresistible to your visitors. Baking is also a good way to show off your kitchen, especially if you have an island, which is where you can present your yummy creations.

Is the way to a home buyer’s heart through their stomach? It just may be, but even if it’s not, make sure everyone who attends your open house has a real good reason to hang around and enjoy themselves. Let cooking be a way to relax you, too, so you can really shine as the amazing host you are.

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