Tired Of Your Old, Empty Basement? Here’s How To Remodel It

You don’t have to be Bob Villa to turn your basement into a finished room, but you should have a logical plan in place. Even if you don’t have much training or experience, finishing a basement can be accomplished, although not every aspect will be easy.

Plan Your Doors And Windows

You can’t simply throw down a carpet and expect much of a room, so plan for the doors and windows, to maximize lighting, along with the effect of a great entrance way. Doors are a wonderful way to distinguish a room and give it a unique quality. Make sure you can add the windows safely, especially if you’re dealing with a high foundation wall.

Figure Out How To Refinish The Walls

What can you do with the walls of your basement, considering the conditions? If it’s too damp, wood may warp, so carefully consider your options, keeping in mind what you think you’d like your finished room to look like.

Decide On The Best Function For The Room

Now that you really know what you have to work with, especially in terms of lighting, decide what the best thing to do with the basement may be. You might want a gym or a workshop, or to build an incredible entertainment area for the whole family. Hold off on choosing what the room will be, until you’re sure your plan can be implemented.

Fix-Up The Ceiling

While your first thought may be a drop ceiling, they can warp and that may be a problem in your basement. For that reason, along with cost and complexity, think about installing a drywall ceiling, instead.

Add Decent Floor Covering

Depending on your budget, two of the best options for basement floors are tile and vinyl, with the latter usually being more affordable. A real tile floor would look fabulous, but it will cost you more; whereas vinyl squares are available in endless colors and styles, at a much lower price.

A finished basement makes for a more complete home, adding function and usable space, along with increasing the value of the property. Make a big project out of it, drawing up plans and really putting your best effort into it. Your end results should be a fabulous new room, designed for any purpose you can imagine.

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