Looking for a Game Changer?

You are looking for an investment that is going to be a financial game changer. It seems like everything you consider, though, will take more than one to really see a change. Look no further! One single self-storage facility can be your financial game changer! How?

Positive cash flow every month

If you go about purchasing a self-storage facility properly, it shouldn’t take you long to have positive cash flow. You should see that after the note payment and it will only increase as occupancy and rent levels increase. This positive cash flow isn’t going to be enough to retire off of, but you can definitely feel confident with having some financial security, better vacations, and overall live more comfortability.

Even more cash flow when the facility is paid off

You will begin feeling the biggest impact when you finally have the mortgage paid off. THAT will be the time when you can begin looking for your dream retirement location! Let’s give am example. You have a $1,000,000 storage facility. The note on that will be about $4,300 per month. Once that is paid off, you will have an extra $51,000 in your pocket each year. Add in the typical 20% return on your down payment and that’ll be nearly $100,000 cash flow coming in yearly. Paying that off quickly is definitely something to strive for!

And the big money comes at the end

The best part of self-storage income properties? Not only do you get money monthly, but if you ever decide to sell your facility, you are looking at a HUGE payday! Looking at the afore mentioned example of the 1,000,000 facility, selling that would put that 1,000,000 right into your pocket. Better yet would be if you have raised rents or occupancy while you owned it!

As you can see, investing in just ONE self-storage facility is definitely a profitable game changer for your finances! Here on our site there is a great tool called the “Valuator”. This will help you to identify if a deal is worth pursuing and just how valuable it can be for you!

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