Storing Your Washer And Dryer – How To Prep It Properly

There are many reasons why you may need to store your washer and dryer. Maybe you are building a new house and where you are staying doesn’t have hook ups. Maybe you moved into a new apartment and there is no space for them. Or perhaps you are renovating and need them to be stored just for a short time. Regardless of the situation, it is important to remember that a washer and dryer are an investment and if you don’t want them ruined, they need to be stored properly. Follow these tips to properly prepare your washer and dryer for their vacation to the storage unit!


CLEAN YOUR WASHER! I cannot stress this enough. I have cleaned out enough units that has these things stored in them, and it was done improperly. They were rusted out. Detergent residue caked on beyond the point of no return. This isn’t a difficult task! To clean it, just run a hot water cycle with vinegar. When it’s done doing it’s thing, dry it with a towel. Voila!

Dryers are much simpler. Pull out the lint tray and clean it out and simply run a damp cloth against the filter. Then check the back where the vent is and make sure that is clear of lint as well.


If you look at all the labeling of your washer and dryer, they will usually have the proper steps laid right out for you. If you don’t see that, pull out your manual. Don’t have that? A good start is to turn off the water, electricity breakers, and disconnect the hoses. I highly suggest doing a google search to find a copy of your manual, though.


They may look heavy and rugged, but you may be surprised when you go to lift them! They are surprisingly light compared to their counterpart, the refrigerator! Light or heavy, though, don’t hurt yourself! It would be wise to see if you can find a dolly to borrow, especially if you are moving them alone.


To keep your machines free from dust and to protect them from dents and scratches, wrap them in shrink wrap or in a blanket. The should also be placed on pallets within your self-storage unit. By doing this, condensation won’t form underneath them because of the airflow allowed. This will also be a lifesaver if water happens to get into your unit for some unforeseen reason.

Washers and dryers aren’t cheap! By following these tips when storing them, you are protecting that investment for years to come.

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