5 Way to Attract New Self-Storage Tenants – Part 1

The storage market today is a very competitive environment. This can lead to difficulty getting new tenants into your facility. If you are a small “mom & pop” facility, it can seem impossible to compete with bigger operators. In order to compete with these companies you will need to have a large marketing budget. Self-storage is NOT an impulsive purchase or something in HIGH demand. Because of this you are goingt o want to make a name for yourself so that when people think self-storage, your name is the first to pop into their mind. Let me tell you about 5 low cost/free ways that you can reach potential tenants.

Be Seen In Your Community


The way people see your facility local is extremely important. This is where your customer live! Most tenant will rent from a facility close to home. If you are not visible in your community, you risk not being known. Most people don’t search for a specific self-storage brand when they begin shopping, and of those searching, about 68% will store with a brand that they recognize. This is proof that you need to be visible within your community!

It may seem like a monumental task, but how can brand awareness be made for a storage company? A great place to begin is by building relationships with those in the business community around you. Stop by and introduce yourself. Offer to have some of their marketing materials in your office or lobby for those who are new to town. The best business relationships are born when it is mutually beneficial. Remember the term “one hand washes the other”. Follow these on social media, remember to be active on their pages so you contribute to their success. This will encourage the favor to be returned. How else can you build brand awareness within your community?

  • Join your Chamber of Commerce and attend events
  • Join other organizations and actively participate
  • Sponsor Little League teams or other organizations (this could even be a trade for a unit for sponsorship)
  • Attend community days, parades or other events
  • Allow organizations to host events at your facility
  • Donate units to organizations or those in need as applicable
  • Host drives for food banks and charities at your location


Update Your Business Listings

The internet has got your biggest pool of tenants searching for a storage facility. How can you make sure that YOUR facility will be the first one in the results? Well, this is actually a pretty lucrative business! But there are some simple factors that you can have a direct impact on to push this along. The first thing you will want to make sure to do is to keep your business listing updated. Your name, address, and phone number NEEDS to remain consistent in all places.

If you are unsure where to start on business listings, a great place to begin is to make sure your “Google My Business” listing is claimed. This will tell Google that your business is legit and needs to be on the map and in search results. Fill out as much information as you can!

After you’ve done that, go to sites such as Bing, Yelp, and Facebook making sure that all the information located there is accurate. This will also boost your ranking in the search results! This can be a tedious task. If you don’t feel confident in this it is advisable to hire someone to help you! After all, this could make or break you!

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