5 Way to Attract New Self-Storage Tenants – Part 2

Yesterday we talked about being seen with the community and making sure that your business listings are up to date in order to grow your tenant base. Let’s touch on 3 more ways to attract new tenants.

Ask Customers to Refer Friends

Do you know what your biggest asset is in attracting more tenants? Your customers! Have you ever been somewhere new and looking for a place to eat? On one side of the street is a cute little restaurant. It look clean, has a catchy name. They have a menu posted in the window and the prices are fair. But all the tables inside are empty. You look across to the other side of the street and see another restaurant. It looks equally attractive. Cute name. Manu looks nice. The biggest difference? The tables are FULL and the place is bustling. Which are you most likely to go to? I know I’d want to be where everyone else is!

In your business, your customers will are likely to tell their friends and family about you because of your good customer service, fair price, and clean facility. Make it an incentive to bring in a new tenant! You could offer to take a few dollars off of their rent when they refer someone!

To make this work, though, you need to make sure they are aware of your program. Include in in a newsletter, email, on social media, or in their welcome packet

Reputation Management

I’m sure it’s no secret that marketing has changed over the past few years. A business used to be able to control all the messages that the public saw about their brand or product. That has changed drastically. These days, it is the consumer who has the control! Purchasing behavior has changed because of the ability to research online and read reviews before they even contact your facility. 7 out of 10 consumers look for a Google review before they make any purchase decision. Happy customers = big asset! I cannot express that enough! Great reviews WILL produce more tenants.

Don’t be bashful to ask for a review! During each interaction, ask them to leave you a review for the facility online. Add links to Facebook, Google, Yelp, and any others you are listed on to your welcome packet and emails is really important. Send out a text with a review link is a great idea, too! Google is smart, though, and will penalize you if you are falsifying reviews, though. So make sure they are organic.

The way you respond to a review will speak volumes as well. It is good practice to respond to ALL negative reviews and at least 30% of the positive ones. By replying to the negative it shows potential tenants that you care. State the faces of the experience, focus on changing their experience to a positive one, and use them to know what to do differently.

A happy staff is similar to a customer referral service. Make sure your staff is trained to ask for reviews and to provide excellent service to ensure good reviews.

Get Engaged on Social Media

Social media is king right now. Real brands have social media and you need to make your presence there, too. It will increase your customer base and is a different avenue to attract new tenants. In addition to that, it is another way to make it easier for customers to reach you. When its easy, its more likely to happen!

To get a start in the social media world, focus on one or two platforms at a time. Facebook and Instagram are the two biggers infulencers currently. Don’t just broadcast on social medial. This won’t get you seen. You need to also engage. Share posts from the community and other local businesses, ask questions, run contests, and comment! The goal is to have your business seen as a community member! Don’t be completely unrelated though. Make your social media an extension of your customer service area and website.

With the many choices for storage options, it is important that customers can find your facility. Following these tips will ensure that your facility is on the top of the mind when customers are ready to make the jump into signing a contract!

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