Dress To Impress – How Should Self-Storage Facility Employees Dress?

I’m positive you’ve heard it before. “The first impression is the last impression.” But how does that relate to how you dress? Well, started simply, nearly 40% of your impact on others is directly correlated to the way that you look. It is worth while to stop and think for a moment and consider what your attire conveys to the tenants stopping by your storage facility. Be it new prospective customers, or existing ones walk into the managers office and see you there, what kind of an impression are you leaving?

What is the right approach?

We understand todays lifestyles are fast-paced, stressful, and hectic. Clothing typically reflects that in its comfortability and ease of maintenance. But that doesn’t mean that attractiveness has to be sacrificed! The importance to maintain a level of professionalism is evermore important now when so many other companies forgo it. It will be what sets you apart.

It would be appropriate for the on-site team members to dress in professional attire, or at the very least matching uniforms. This will set you apart and let visitors know that you belong there! Make sure that the clothing is neatly ironed, shoes are clean, and your physical attire is appropriately groomed as well. The most important thing to take away, from this, though, is that attire doesn’t have to look alike to be taken seriously, but that as long as employees are well-groomed and making wise clothing choices, your business will be represented well.

Have you ever walked into a business where the employee working there was disheveled? Looking like they need a bath and were wearing the same clothes they slept in. Does this encourage to put any faith into their commitment to their job? Does it make you then question the quality of the business, its products, and the people that they employ?

When we take pride in how we look, it directly impacts out performance and assists in making a good impression on our customers. You would do well to take this into consideration when implementing an employee handbook and expectations, and maybe take some pointers away for yourself!

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