5 Common Customer Complaints In The Self-Storage Business

  1. “My gate code doesn’t work”

Honestly, this is most commonly user error due to a forgotten code, misplaced card, or late payment. Prevention is the best way to avoid this complaint. When the lease is signed, make sure they know how to enter and what happens during non-payment. If the code is just being entered incorrectly, calmly give another demonstration of how to do it. Be nice! Don’t appear to be put out. You preform this task regularly and it may be a new learning curve for them. If it is due to their rent payment being late, be kind in pointing that out. They may not have realized! Time passes quickly. Offer to accept payment there or let them know an alternative way to make it so they can regain access.

  1. Late Fees and Miscellaneous Fees –

Make sure that your tenants know how fees are assessed during the leasing process. It is important to have the customer acknowledge that they understand this policy, perhaps a signed document would even be beneficial. It would show kindness to issue a one time use late fee waiver or coupon. Make sure they know this can only be used once.

  1. Collections/Auction Process –

A customer may try to say that they were not aware of your collection/auction policy and that you never notified them. The best way to avoid this situation is to educate them while processing their lease! Thoroughly explain your policies regarding all fees, collections, and the auction process. If these things are done and you show your client the signed documentation that that was covered with them, they really have no leg to stand on in saying they “didn’t know”.

  1. Move Out Notice/Refunds –

Since most leases are on a month-to-month basis, refunds of partial months just are not particle. Making sure that tenants know this by including a “no refunds” policy on the lease and explaining it MAY help, but honestly, in most cases, people just plain forget. A simple remind of the rule is all it may take.

  1. Climate Control is Not Cold Enough –

Climate control doesn’t mean air-conditioned or heated like an office building. The climate control is mainly to regulate humidity and maintain a CONSTANT temperature. Once this is explained, customers are usually pretty understanding. And as mentioned in the above complaints, covering this upon signing the lease will go a long way

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