8 Tips For Finding An Ideal Self-Storage Facility To Fit Your Needs

At one time or another, most American are going to have a need for renting out a self-storage unit. Because of this need, the business has absolutely flourished over the past couple of decades and these types of facilities can be found all over, many offering different kinds of services. If you are in the market for renting out a unit yourself, here are a few things that you should consider.

  1. Why do you need the extra storage? If you are moving and need to keep your things somewhere until the move is final that is a great reason! But if you are using it because you just don’t want to get rid of things, you may want to consider downsizing your belongings!
  2. Consider what you will be storing and much room it will need. Don’t get something bigger than what you really need. This will leave you paying for empty space or, alternatively, acquiring more things to fill the space.
  3. If your unit is 30 miles from home, that won’t be very convenient, and you won’t go very often! Even if it is cheaper, consider going more local. The amount of gas and time you would save really isn’t worth it.
  4. Access to your unit. Do you have a crazy schedule? Then make sure you have 24/7 access so you can access your things when it is convenient for you, not being forced by their schedule to only visit while it is open.
  5. Never compromise on security. These are your possessions after all! You want them to be protected with a locking system and some sort of surveillance.
  6. There is plenty of competition in this business! Because of this, you will see it reflected in the pricing. Don’t be bashful to bargain a little and ask for the best quote.
  7. Indoor or open? Do you want to have to walk in or drive up? If you have lots of heavy items, you won’t want to lug them far so a drive-up unit would be far easier.
  8. Insurance! I cannot stress this enough. Most facilities don’t include insurance, and if they do, be sure to read the clauses carefully. It would be a same to have damage done and no way to recoup the costs.

If you consider these things while you search and don’t just settle for the first thing you see, I can guarantee you will be a much happier tenant.

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