Providing Online Resources for Your Self-Storage Customers – Part 1

It is no secret that self-storage is a competitive business. Because of this it is extremely important to be able to provide your customers with the absolute highest level of customer service possible. If you are a small fish competing with big companies, having your presence online is absolutely imperative. Making sure that your online listings are up to snuff is obviously the first step. Once you have that done, committing to the best service possible is going to be the biggest slam dunk in making your business successful.

Having your customer service being the best is not only getting good feedback on paper or through word of mouth. Now-a-days, the internet is what speaks volumes! If you provide your customers with all the resources they need, before they have a chance to ask for them, it will show your good will as a provider. Lets discuss a few points as to where you should be putting your resources, what they should be, and how you can begin gather the pieces to make it happen.

Hosting Online Resources

Your website should be the host for these resources. This will allow everyone and their brother to find and make use of this information. If your website is subpar, get that fixed up right away! Don’t be like some facilities and offer only the bare basics (Location, contact info…). This is a huge mistake and will not help set you apart from the others. You have a website and should really be using it to its full potential by making it a wealth of knowledge and tools. This will not only help with the customer experience, but it will also drive your traffic and leads, making you a front runner in the self storage race.

Check back tomorrow to find out exactly what kind of resources you can be providing on that spiffy new website!

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