Protect your tenants: How having the right kind of security and access control tools can bring in those willing to pay more – Part 1 – Property Fencing

For self-storage owners, two of the biggest worries are theft and break-ins. With more and more people turning to self-storage for moves and for commercial storage, it is a no brainer as to why thieves and vandals would be turning their attention in that direction. What exactly can be done to avoid being “easy targets” and make their tenants and property safe from illegal activity? This is more easily done during a new build or during a renovation. During that time, you can install various kinds of security measures and access control tools and keep within your budget. If you have an existing facility, it will just take a little extra planning and saving to get you facility to the safe fortress that it really should be. Having your mini warehouse or newly-build climate-controlled building protected from vandalism, theft, and illegal activity is no doubt a matter of high priority. Doing this proper planning and execution of the plans will save you money in the long-run.

So where what measures of security be and what do you need?

  • Property fencing
  • Lighting and motion sensors
  • Keypads and access control hardware
  • Security cameras and video monitoring
  • Gate and digital gate operator
  • Unit alarms and electronic door locks

Let’s start this mini-series by breaking down each of these categories and talking about how they keep your property safe, how they will bring in renters, and how those two things in turn will make you more money:

Property fencing

Having a fence properly installed at your facility is going to be a basic step in protecting your tenants belongings. The kind of fence that should be installed will vary from facility to facility. High-crime areas will usually opt for something more heavy duty that is climb and cut resistant. Consider what you are storing, your location, and even the weather before you pick a fence out.

Be cautious to not be confused with the local prison! That kind of appearance isn’t welcoming to the public and may actually cause them to avoid your facility all together. It is important to find the right balance of practical, and aesthetically pleasing. There are so many options out there, you will no doubt have no trouble in finding the perfect fence to fit the bill.

How it earns you money: Your name won’t be included in the string of break-ins on the news! By having a top of the link security fence, you customer will feel like their possessions are, without a doubt, in a safe place. Your fence is an investment that will certainly earn its keep. Tenants who are looking to store their valuable, high-priced items aren’t going to store at the place with the cute picket fence. Their willingness to pay a higher price for security will put some extra coin in your pocket, as long as you are proactive in getting the best security fence that you can!

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  1. Take away’s …. Very important to have appropriate property fencing without looking like a prison. LOL… That was a good one…

    So, find the right balance between practical and aesthetically pleasing!

    And keep in mind the ROI…. People pay a higher rent if they know “without a doubt” their stuff is safe and secure.

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