Protect your tenants: How having the right kind of security and access control tools can bring in those willing to pay more – Part 2

Hello! Yesterday we chatted about how keeping your security system up to par, and even more advanced than that, can bring in higher paying tenants. Then we talked about how a security fence that is properly picked out would help. Let’s move on to day and touch on the importance of lighting and motion sensors.

Lighting and motion sensors

You don’t have to be offering 24-hour access to your facilities to have a need for bright lighting and motion sensor triggers. These basic lighting options are essential to warding off break-ins, vandalism, and theft. Having brightly-lit parking lots and unit driveways will make illegal activity easy to spot, causing those preforming these activities to seek somewhere other than your facility to do them. Not only will bright lighting scare them off, but motion sensor lighting will not allow them to blend into the shadows, but rather will pinpoint their exact location! They also will lower your energy costs as they will only come on when triggered. There are plenty of options out there, but I highly suggest making sure you get LED lights. They will be a bit more costly upfront, but in the grand scheme of things, they will save you money on your electric bill and they will last quite a bit longer. Many LED lights now have bulbs that will even let you change their color with an app on your phone, making holidays more festive!

How it drives revenue: Just like your security fence is an outward appearance to your secure facility, your lights will also be a show of good will for your customers to see when they are considering you to store their items. Bright lighting is essential to bringing in customer and creating a safer environment. They also beautify your property and make great drive-by marketing for evening hours. Have your sign and logo stand out by having it nicely lit up and deter crime at the same time. By doing this one simple thing, you will for sure attract new customers who are searching for secure self storage.

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