Protect your tenants: How having the right kind of security and access control tools can bring in those willing to pay more – Part 3

Keypads and access control hardware

We have mentioned the topic of access control panels pretty extensively in our blogs. Why? Because it is a huge topic to cover full of varying opinions and options. Every facility has unique access control needs and there is no “one size fits all” answer. Since it does vary based primarily on your target market and your business model, you will have to do some digging and comparing before you make and decisions. The most basic access control panels are going to simply have a keypad that will open up the gate when a predetermined code is typed in. The more advanced access control systems will communicate with your software to either grant or deny access based on their delinquency status. Someone overdue on their rent? No worries, they won’t gain access until that bill is caught up! Remember, though, that anyone who will need access to the facility will need to be able to have a non-tenant code. Think people like manager, lawn care teams, maintenance workers, and construction crews.

Another thing to consider is the hardware you will be using. You will need to find the right keypad, card reader, fingerprint scanner, or Bluetooth reader for your facility. If you are from the chilly north then you will have to make sure that your hardware can stand up to the cold, sub-zero temperatures. From the warmer parts of the country? Then you will have to worry about things like the hot sun and the sand. Those elements can be hard on keypads, wearing off the numbers and causing buttons to stick, even melt!

How it drives revenue: Convenience, convenience, convenience. It doesn’t matter if your tenants are going to be visiting their unit once a week, or once every other year, they are going to want to be able to access it as easily as possible, with no hoops to jump through. Having a modern access control system will make collecting rent easier, keeping your tenants updated easier, and really will take out the headache of gaining access go away. As any manager can attest to, it is a royal pain when a tenant, who is in good standing on their account, calls from the gate because their code isn’t working. That makes more work and inconvenience for everyone involved. People DEFINITELY pay for convenience!

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