Protect your tenants: How having the right kind of security and access control tools can bring in those willing to pay more – Part 5

Gate and digital gate operator

Gates are a BIG topic of discussion! If you are building a new facility, you are going to want to do some pretty hefty research about what gate is the best fit for your facility before you begin any ground breaking or construction. Consider your needs, the needs of your tenants, and the cost of the options. Do you really need an entrance an exit gate? What about the 8ft barbed-wire topped gate in the country? Find the right gate fit by not complicating things and by being level headed when weighing out all of the options.

How it drives revenue: You can’t have a fence without a gate! Some options are pricier than others but remember that the purpose of the gate is to provide your tenants and their possessions the best protection possible! If you give them that security comfort, they will for sure be willing to pay their rent in a timely manner.

Unit alarms and electronic door locks

Thieves are getting smarter! Every time we think we have managed to out smart them, they are already one step ahead. Sadly, sometimes it is your tenants who are the thieves. We have seen them accessing another unit by cutting holes in THEIR unit’s walls. Then, they clear out each unit in their building. To add an extra layer of security and protection for your tenants, it is wise to add individual alarms inside of each unit. Some of these alarms are equipped with infrared monitoring and can instantly alert you if something is amiss, even if after-hours.

Unit alarms and electronic door locks are some of the newest tech out there and come with a pretty big price tag. But if your facility is in an affluent market and your rates can hold it, they just may be the perfect addition to your facility.

How it drives revenue: This is top of the line stuff sure to impress potential tenants! They are popular in suburban and urban areas where online tools and smartphone convenience are big bonuses! Premium features surely drive rent rates. If you are in a position where you can offer this class of storage facility, you will be “moving on up”. Be sure to know your market first to make sure this is the move for you, though.

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