5 More Creative Ways to Capture More Tenants And Fill Up More Units

We’ve already talked about how stressful it is for a self storage facility owner to have empty units. Maybe the 3 tips we shared weren’t something you were interested in trying, or just weren’t enough. That’s why we are back today to share an additional set of tips for bringing those tenants in and filling up those units.

  1. Reach out to beloved local businesses- Think about the town where your facility is located in. Is there a particular coffee shop that is just the bees knees for the locals? How about a popular diner or restaurant? A community center? One of the best ways to build up trust and credibility within your community is to partner up with an already thriving business. Ask them if they would be willing to run a promotion together or offer to put coupons to their business in your office. Make sure it isn’t just a take relationship, you should be able to give back to them as well.
  2. Offer a free month of rent – This has to be the most common way to get new tenants in the door. Offer them the first month free, or even for $1. Offering a deal and having them there for the average tenant occupancy (which is about 6-12 months) is better than letting your units sit there vacant.
  3. Market your RV and boat parking spaces – The time of year really is not going to make much of a difference on this one! If you have any kind of recreational area, state park, cam ground, lakes, or rivers near your facility, this could be a gold mine! Being able to give renters a place to store their large recreational toys will be a big highlight. You can market this offering by attending local boat and RV shows, and outdoors shows. Ask to advertise in local boat and RV repair shops. And make sure that you have this advertised on your website!
  4. Get seasonal with your promotions – Throughout the year there are plenty of ways that you can cash in on seasonal nostalgia, events, and shopping deals. Spring is great for spring cleaning, in summer you can market for Fourth of July or Memorial Day deals. In fall you have Black Friday and in winter you have the holidays. Think creatively and outside the box when it comes to offering deals to potential tenants.
  5. Market your facility to nearby colleges and universities – If you are in a college town, don’t leave money on the table by not marketing to this group! If students are moving out of the dorms and needing a place to store their things during summer break, or if they just need extra storage during school, your facility is the perfect solution! Students are almost always looking for a deal and working on a budget. Offer them a deal for storing with you, “Maintain a 3.15 GPA and you will get a XYZ% off”. Keep in mind keywords in your advertising and consider using phrases like “self storage near NYU,” “student storage near Arizona State,” or “secure parking near Harvard”. Also consider making an entire page on your website dedicated to renting to local students.

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