4 Life Events Causing People to Need Self Storage and How You Can Help – Part 1

There are many life events where people turn to self storage – death, divorce, dislocation, downsizing, and the list goes on. Many renters are even running an online business out of their unit or using it to store old business files.

So what are 4 life changing events that really trigger the need for self storage in your target market. No one knows that market as well as you do! This is also partly why it is so good to build relationships with your customers. You learn about them and why they are there. This will help you to identify what you biggest target markets are and will in turn allow you to tweak your marketing strategies accordingly. Need some inspiration on how to start identifying who you should be looking for and what you can do to help them with the transition? Read on for 4 of the most common life events that trigger the need for a storage unit and how you can help them find you when they need you the most.

  1. Marriage

Combining two families isn’t easy! Especially if they both are coming from established households. When the new couple move in together, they will need to do some serious soul searching as to what they want their place to look like! Whose couch will we keep? Which set of dishes? The twin bed he was sleeping on won’t fit them both now! And her kitten posters will need to go somewhere else. This will be especially tricky if they, like most newlyweds, have a small starter house or apartment! Those certainly don’t have much in the way of storage. Where will they put all this stuff until they are ready to let go of it?

How to help them find you:

Make yourself friendly with some local real estate agents! Start making those connections. Having their recommendation of your storage facility will go a long way. They newlyweds already have an established relationship with that realtor and so they are more apt to listen to their suggestion. And it makes the real estate agency look good for being a one-stop-shop kind of business.

Being able to network is a huge part of real estate and the business thrives on it. Don’t be shy! Set up a meeting to make introductions, maybe over coffee? Make sure whatever you are offering is mutually beneficial. You don’t want to be just out for yourself. Go prepared, though, with a finished website and great amenities to show them that you are also a professional and will also make it easier for them to refer people to you.

  1. Moving to a New City

People are always on the move, looking to start from scratch. Wanting to move out of the city and into the country, or leaving the country for a better job closer to the city. These kinds of big moves can be overwhelming for some. They are not only trying to learn the ins and outs of a new place, but they ae also trying to keep safe, find affordable accommodations, all the while keeping things convenient. It doesn’t matter if they are a family with children, students, or retirees, there is a lot to learn after a move and you can be the “expert” in the area who brings them some peace of mind.

How to help them find you:

Be a local guide to those newcomers! Make part of your website locally focused. Include on it what the weather patterns are like and how they should pack accordingly. Let them know where they can find movers, how to keep their car running properly during a rough winter or hot summer. Give them links to some of your favorite local businesses, maybe your favorite place to grab dinner and a drink, or even where you got to the dentist! Help to build trust by establishing yourself as a local expert and by helping them to have a smooth move.

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