Self Storage on TV – Lesson Learned

When we see self storage on television, it is rare that it’s there for any good reason. Let’s consider 5 different tv shows and what they teach us about the self storage business.

Show #1-

Breaking Bad – Season 5 episode 8 – Exasperated Skyler takes Walt to the storage unit she rented out when she realized that there was just nowhere left to store it. She then tells him that she tried to count it, but gave up and has no earthly clue how much is there. Walt stares on in disbelief of what he has brought in. Skyler wants out and demands to know when enough is enough.

Show #2

Dexter – Season 6 episode 3 – When Dexter suspects that Walter Kenny may be the “Tooth Fairy” serial killer, he follows him into a self-storage facility. Inside the creepy old man’s storage unit, Dexter finds the evidence he needs— a collection of teeth.

Show #3

Homeland – Season 1 episode 8 – Tom Walker uses his key and note given to him earlier in the episode to enter a storage facility, where a sniper rifle is waiting for him. The next morning, Carrie goes to Brody’s house and tells him that Tom is still alive and that he is the turned prisoner of war. This makes Tom extremely upset with the lies he was told.

Show #4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 3 episode 3 – Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle go undercover as artists to try to catch a thief who is stealing precious artwork that is being hidden in a self storage unit.

Show #5

Fringe – Season 1 episode 1 – Agent Olivia Dunham and her partner (and love interest) Agent John Scott are given a tip that leads them on a mission to track down a biochemical laboratory that just so happen to be in a storage unit. What happens from there is the basis for the rest of the entire series!

So what do we learn from just these five tv shows when it comes to owning self storage facilities? Know what’s going on in your facility! Use those security cameras and monitor for any suspicious activity. And if the police, FBI, or Fringe division show up, work with them and be as cooperative as possible!

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