Spring has Sprung – Let Spring Cleaning Fever Commence!

Now that spring has sprung, people are opening up their windows, letting the fresh air in, and cleaning up the clutter that winter tends to bring on. It is also an especially good time to open up that storage unit and see what you can purge. You may even find yourself wondering why you stored some of that stuff to begin with! What kinds of things can you say good-bye to? Consider these:


This is an especially hard one. Electronics are usually something that we pay good money for. If they are still working, that can make it even harder to get rid of it. Technology is always updating and changing.  At this point in time, it changes more quickly than we can adapt to it. That old mac that you have in your storage unit? No longer supported by most programs. If your guilt is too much to just throw it out, consider donating it to a local fixer-upper. There are some programs that will fix tech up and donate it to families in need. It isn’t doing you any good sitting there and is only getting more and more outdated.

Outdated Clothes

Yes, things do come back into style, but that could be 10 years away! Stop holding on to your clothes from the 80’s. Donate them to a local thrift shop or salvation army. Better yet? Find a company that sends them over seas for less fortunate communities. Moral of the story is that there will always be more clothes. Stop letting them rot away in storage.

Extra Kitchen Gadgets

Do you really need the extra spoons, the mixer, and the broken bread machine? NO! Trash those. It is easy to look at something and hold onto it because you like it but keeping it in storage really isn’t doing you any good.

Generalized clutter

Do you really need all that old paperwork? Shred it! Christmas decorations that no longer work? Trash them! Clutter doesn’t happen overnight, but if you don’t take care of it right away, it will only continue to get worse!

Old Kids Toys

I know this is a hard one! No sooner do you decide to thin out the old toys, the ones being put into the giveaway pile suddenly become your children’s FAVORITE. Don’t fall into this trap. Rid yourself of the toys that are no longer challenging their young minds.

Now what?

This is really just the tip of the iceberg of things that you can toss out of your storage unit during spring cleaning. Are you a facility owner? A great idea is to organize a facility wide yard sale where everyone pulls that stuff out and has to opportunity to sell it there on the spot. This will save them time and energy. It will also get new perspective renters on the grounds and help boost your occupancy.

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