5 Advertising Factors Successful Facility Owners Always Use

If you are going to spend money advertising self storage facility on various websites, you want to make sure it is a success. Here are 6 things you can practice which will help ensure you receive the most “bang for the buck”.


  1. SET RENTAL RATES APPROPRIATELY – If you want units to rent, you must be realistic, optimistic, but not greedy! Set realistic rental and ensure that the rates are correct on the site(s) your listing and regularly reviewed as the market changes. Search for comparable properties (“comps”) in the same location as yours. Only charge a premium if your property has some distinct features. And, be willing to discount your property on occasion as needed.
  2. CHECK E-MAIL REGULARLY – When using a website, remember your users. They are typically Internet “savvy” and probably check their e-mails frequently…especially if they have requested some info. Also, be sure your phone number is listed on sites that allow you to as sometimes people choose to just call you directly, so be sure to check phone messages.
  3. RESPOND IMMEDIATELY – People looking to store things have probable shopped around and have more than one facility on their list to choose from. The faster you respond, the better chance (most of the time) you have of winning them over before another facility does. There have been times I have rented units in the past and because it took an owner 24 hours to respond. By that time, I had already chosen another facility. A timely and efficient response gives the renter confidence that the customer experience will follow suit.
  4. YOUR LISTING SHOULD BE ACCURATE AND COMPLETE – Be sure that your listing details are kept up to date and are complete. Review your online listing frequently to be sure that your contact informationGREAT PHOTOS – are up-to-date. Also, be sure that it is accurate on the description of your property and its amenities. This will help you with repeat customers and keep the ones you have happy.
  5.  It is true what they say, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Remember, renters are considering storing their things in your facility (most of the time) solely on your pictures and your word. The more pictures to help them be comfortable with the decision, the better. Here is how I look at it. If you were going to buy a used car, would you do so over the Internet without a good look at the outside/inside of the vehicle, the engine, etc. Not exactly the same, but you get the picture. The more pictures and the prettier, the better. Be sure to have pictures of your rental amenities such as a truck rentals, packing materials, security system, and the like.

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