How the Pros Uncover Good Investments from Bad Ones


Learn the Secrets of Buying a Self Storage Facility

Looking to buy a Self Storage facility? This powerful video will show you how to determine the value of a self storage business without all the guesswork. I’ll also provide you a refresher on deal-making criteria, as well as the exact software I use to break down complex market information into push-button, done-for-you ease.


How to Analyze Self Storage Property

Don’t Learn Through Trial and Error. I’ve Already Done That For You.

Watch How The Pros Buy Self Storage Property


My free video will give you the tools you need to invest in a self storage opportunity with confidence. There are so many self storage businesses for sale… but how do you tell a “Lead” from a “Deal”? My free video will help you determine which facilities and franchises are worth pursuing. You’ll learn:

Confidently Analyze Self-Storage Facilities in Minutes…

Quickly Weed Out The Time Wasters…

Determine NOI, Cap Rate, Monthly Cash Flow, and Much More…

Scott Meyers, CEO Self Storage Investing

My name is Scott Meyers, and I am known as the Nation’s Leading Expert in the self storage business. I’ve been the architect of dozens of extremely successful real estate transactions since I began my real estate career in 1993.

I also invested in a deal that turned out to be a FINANCIAL DISASTER for one of my companies. Which deal taught me the most? The one that nearly broke us! The key is that I learned from my missteps. It forced me to pay attention to details and always as “WHY”.

If I am an expert at anything, I would say it’s an expert at not making the same mistake twice. I am not pretending to be better than other investment experts, but I have gone from being bankrupt to being a multimillionaire – and I know the reasons WHY.


How to Buy a Self Storage Business