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Indianapolis Business Journal: Forty Under 40

Article PDF : 40 Under 40 (To download the PDF, right click on the link and choose “Save as”) After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan’s Flint campus in 1991, Scott Meyers set his sights on working in a large corporate environment. Initially the Indianapolis office of telecommunications company…

Things To Know When Starting Your Own Self Storage Business!

It’s a start! A first-time self-entrepreneur in the industry of self-storage business has understandably a lot of questions in mind. Is there a guarantee that I will profit from this? What are the chances that this is not a dead-end industry? What are the business’ limitations? Obviously, a first-timer has their own jitters as they dwell into the land of the unknown. It is normal and expected. However, anxiety draws the thick line that separates the novices from the pros...

Marketing Your Self-Storage Business

Novice business owners might think that it’s a waste of time, but marketing plays a huge part in any form of business, even in the self-storage industry. It won’t matter how good your product or service is, if they haven’t heard about it, no customers...

You want your potential customers to be aware that your business exists, therefore, your marketing materials should:

Be eye-catching “I can’t stop not staring at that.”

Defining Self Storage

Last 2012, the self-storage business reached $2.1 billion in sales. This number, along with the business’ minimal planning for tenants to rent space, has attracted investors who are looking a way to expand their business operations. With eyes on the prize, there is no surprise why there are investors who don’t even know what self-storage business really is. Because there is always a constant need for space, self-storage units became popular in recent years especially in America. Out of 58, 000 storage facilities in the world, 46, 000 is in the United States and that was in 2009…

What Does A Self-Storage Business Manager Really Do?
The self-storage business manager is the person who runs and operates a self-storage business facility. On-site self-storage business managers (living within the facility) and off-site managers (living outside) perform the same basic responsibilities. Companies will frequently hire teams of at least two managers to manage the facility more efficiently and to provide around-the-clock service to the tenants. They also have relief managers for the weekends or if one or more of the managers can’t make it that day for some reason...
Looking Back at the Self Storage Industry

In the last decade, the most profitable and sure-fire real estate investment was not grand office buildings or trendy restaurants or luxury resorts – it was simply just self storage.   Self storage continues to grow year over year mainly because of two things. First, Americans move a lot. There are only a handful of…

Self Storage Business Expansions Prove Market is Stable
With the current strain that the economy has caused many businesses, it’s not hard to see why many have began to broaden their horizons.  In uncertain times, small business owners are the first to realize just how much a bum economy can affect their profits.  And as property owners, their services may be some of...
Insurance Programs for Self-Storage Tenants
People store their belongings to self storage facilities for various reasons. However, some people who rent the units assume that the self storage owner will automatically provide insurance for every belonging that they store.   It is true that self-storage facility providers are responsible for ensuring that the clients’ possessions are protected. On the other...
Self-Storage Facility Buying and Selling Trends in North-Central Region

Hi, everyone!   Scott here, with some info on the development and recovery of our industry in the nation’s north-central states. Some of the big guns from Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas, Wisconsin and Michigan are weighing in and the information may be useful to those who are considering buying or selling properties right now. The full…

How to Start a Self Storage Business
You’ve probably read from Inc. Magazine or Wall Street Journal or Entrepreneur Magazine why self-storage is the fastest growing sector of real estate and small business in the U.S. over the past several years especially during this recession.     I was like you several years ago, an almost bankrupt landlord in the tenant-toilet business...
The Anatomy of a Private Money Self Storage Deal
Here's our latest quick tip on on the Private Lending forms needed to do a Private money deal in Self Storage, along with the common questions that private lenders ask us, and how to address...
How to Analyze a Self Storage Facilty
Eliminate the “Guesswork” When Evaluating Facilities | Capitalize on Undervalued Bargains in This Recession | Profit by Predicting Market Trends and Future Values Check out this YouTube video about How to Analyze a Self Storage Facility...
Self Storage Franchises Explained
We've had a lot of visitors to our website seeking information on Self Storage Franchises. I just posted a video on our YouTube Channel where you can learn all about it or check it out below...
From the Brickyard

This past weekend our Private Money Mastermind students attended the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Watching the race from Scott’s suite, the day provided great weather, great racing, great food, and a great time. Check out their VIP experience from a day at the track…

Self Storage Employment Law Explained
I realize that running a self storage business is not easy when you're mostly trying to rent units, but self storage facility owners need to also avoid legal pitfalls to make sure they are complying with all of the laws involved with having employees. This video and accompanying article will discuss a few topics about employment law and the risks of liability...
How to Start a Self Storage Business

Certainly there’s more to starting a self storage business than I can cover in this post or in the video above, so I’ll just list some bullet starting points for you. But first, smart move & mdash this is absolutely the industry to be investing in. Surely you’ve been reading all the positive press recently about the self storage opportunity…

Self Storage Facilities: “Best U.S. Real Estate”

When it comes to owning property, there are a number of avenues that one can take. But, despite all of the available options, one seems to stand above the rest –self storage facilities. Because of their low maintenance costs (no carpets, no toilets, low capitol rates, etc.) and ability to bring in high returns, self…

How to Raise Private Funds to Buy Self Storage Facilities

In this week’s video, I share a few tips on how to find private investors to fund your self storage acquisitions. Click to learn frequently asked questions and tips for turning a profit, staying within the law, and more.   The biggest question of all is usually “Where do we find money?” How do we find…

Self Storage Investing in the News

Here at Self Storage Investing, we’ve been helping newcomers advance and get their start in the business through our mentoring program. And after years of service, I’m happy to announce that others are taking notice. This past week, our efforts were featured in Extra Space Storage’s blog, as well as IBT PR Center’s website, highlighting…

Self Storage Aggregators Explained

Most of the folks in the self storage industry have seen or heard a number of articles – whether located in blogs, chat rooms, etc. – about the war on the aggregators right now, which is being led by one self storage operator in Texas. During this controversy, I’ve been sitting back in the sidelines, talking…

Tips for Video Marketing

If you’ve ever wondered about video marketing, in this video Scott gives a quick glimpse on how to market your facility online, primarily through social media. A few tools of the trade don’t have to be progressive as you think. You don’t have to have a production company or a $1,000 camera. In fact, it’s pretty incredible…

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