Carl & Jenneil Delp

We do residential – Buys, Flip’s, & retail. We have businesses & restaurants. We’ve done about everything wrong. And we met Scott one day at another boot camp and heard him talk about “no toilets” and all the other headaches of being a residential landlord and found it very intriguing. So we followed him and we never looked back. By getting involved in Scott’s Programs and everything he’s helped us to stay focused and in short order we were able to buy our first self-storage facility.

When we got involved in the program, we were very short of time. We work all of the time, so they helped us sort out what was important. One was: we’ve always had a fear of purchasing real estate at a distance. But we know that you can get better bargains further away from where we live. So that was one of the parameters – that we could buy a commercial piece of property out of state where we didn’t have to look at it day in and day out and handle it and it would be professionally managed. We were able to buy something out of state.

In essence they put you in a position where you are an investor and you have a team of people around you. They helped us fulfill something we were never able to do on our own. So that was very important to us. And I would have to say they’ve taken us to a level that we never could have achieved on our own. As far as the number of units, we would have never dreamt we could have immediately purchased a 418 unit facility. And that’s one of those things where again they kept us focused. It was all about the numbers. It wasn’t about emotion. We wanted it to be a turnaround so it could have we could learn the good and the bad.

And we also tend to like turnarounds because we can build equity quickly. So that was built in. We hit every single thing that we wanted to achieve.