7 Ways You Can Help Self-Storage Tenants Get Organized – Part 1

There are a couple different kinds of people when it comes to packing and moving. There is the group that haphazardly throw all of their things in to boxes and garbage bags and then throw them into their storage unit with no organization to speak of. Then there is the group that packs meticulously. Every box is labeled with what’s in it. Fragile items are wrapped. The storage unit is organized with the les needed items in the back and the things that will be needed easily accessible in the front. But what can you do to help BOTH kinds of packers? How can you help to make their units more structured? Check out these seven tips!

Provide Markers for Labeling

If a box is properly marked, they will be easier to organize and find. Don’t be frugal and try to make a ton of money off these! If you can, loan them out or charge a small nominal fee for them. Offer to give to print out an inventory sheet that can go on each box. You could also offer “fragile” stickers that will help keep their less-durable possessions safer during the move.

Sell Packing Materials

The goal is one-stop-shopping. If you sell packing materials, this will not only be a little extra jingle in your pocket, but you will also be providing a valuable service to your customers. This will show good will and be a good stepping stone to building trust and a relationship. What kinds of things would this consist of? Think packing peanuts, packing tape, bubble wrap, protective tarps, even mothballs for those who may be storing clothing.

Have a Selection of Boxes

It doesn’t take up too much space to make boxes available to your tenants! If you give them a variety of options, you will be allowing them to store their things as efficiently as possible. Not only that, but you could be saving them in a “whoops” situation. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to move your things and having the bottom of your box fall out!

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