Providing Online Resources for Your Self-Storage Customers – Part 2

As discussed yesterday, having your website full of good information is the first place to start. Once you have that solid foundation you will be ready to add in valuable resources that will keep people coming back to your site over and over again. What are some of these resources?

Resources to Provide

Some resources that you can provide may seem to be pretty obvious, but others not so much. The best piece of advice that I can give to you is to be transparent. Give your advice freely and offer solutions to those who may be renting a storage unit for the very first time. Don’t speak above your audience and make connections with them. Check out some of the great resources that you could include on your website:

Facility forms.  This is such a convenient resource. If you have a spot where all of your forms are kept in PDF form, your tenants will be able to easily download and fill them out on their time schedule. This will streamline the rental process quite quickly! They will spend less time in your office and more time moving in. Plus, it can be strange standing there watching someone fill out forms!

Insurance. It may not cross their minds initially, but tenants will need to know how much protection the y need to have on their things. Answer this on your site! Let them know what (and if) you cover anything. And then let them know where they can get any additional coverage they may need.

Tax information. If the new renter is in the process of moving, they may qualify for some tax breaks that they may be unaware of. If you provide this information on your site, it will increase the quality of it. Plus, it’s something that won’t take very long and will truly benefit your customer.

Packing tips. If this is the first time a person has moved, it can certainly be overwhelming. Provide some packing guidelines for them! This can include things like packing boxes all the way to packing the actual unit itself. Let them know what should go first. It would be super cool to film a short video at your site to give them a good visual.

Buying supplies. Let them know if you offer supplies for sale. If you don’t, do you maybe have a partnership with a local store that does? Mention this on you site so that they are trekking all over to find boxes in the rubbish.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ). I’m sure that by now you have heard the same questions time after time. This can get very repetitive! Take some of those and buid an FAQ section! This will save you some breath while educating your tenants.

If you are making sure that your customers have everything they need right from the get go, you are one step ahead in providing quality service! If you make their time of transition smooth, you can be sure that they will become loyal customers. And don’t be shocked if they bring other customers in, too!

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