How to Handle Negative Reviews for Your Self-Storage Facility

When making a purchase most consumers are going to check the reviews before clicking the payment button. This is also true in the world of services. When it comes to your self-storage facility, user reviews are going to be impactful on your reputation. This is why it’s so important to understand the repercussions of a bad review and how to handle them.

Fortunately, one or two negative reviews aren’t going to break your business. Most people understand that not all reviews are going to be positive. In fact, most people are more trusting when they see both positive and negative as opposed to all positive. When no negative reviews are seen, it is easier to be weary that the reviews are fake or censored.

So, when your facility receives a less-than-favorable review, what should you do? Consider these four tips:

No. 1: Respond Professionally

As hard as it may be, try to not get defensive about the criticism received. Try to keep your emotions out of your reply and take the time to really listen (or read) your customers concern. These negative comments may actually help you to identify breakdown in communication and in the end help you improve in an area of service.

No. 2: Act Quickly

The longer you take to respond, the more upset a customer may get. It may even spread doubt and concern to other customers and to other potential customers! That can spread like wildfire! Address the review promptly and let them, and others, know that the situation has been acknowledged and will be addressed.

No. 3: Avoid Generic Responses

When you do respond, address the situation specifically. This will convey acknowledgement and not just a cover-up. People like to know that they’ve been heard. Make sure that they know that you are sorry for the inconvenience cause and provide your contact information so they can see that a real person is handling the problem, not just an autobot responding to their review.

No. 4: Make it Right

Tell them what is being done to fix the problem! Try to be as transparent as possible so no one feel like you are trying to cover something up. This will also assure all of you current and potential customers that you take their satisfaction seriously.

Reviews can be a great way to establish trust between your business and your renters. It is important to note, though, that with that trust comes a certain level of responsibility of owning up to a problem that may arise. How you handle critiques will tell customers a lot about you and your business. Make sure that you are telling them the right things to keep your business flourishing!

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  1. Good advice… one of my take aways was that the reviews actually can help you. It may point out weak spots in your business contact points and service delivery. That’s free real life data!

    Also, “How you handle critiques says a lot about you and your business”… it’s in your best interest to handle them professionally, quickly, and with a sense of urgency in making it right!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. We live in a day where how we handle these situations can be broadcast within moments at just a few clicks of a computer mouse. What we do can either promote us, or ruin business!

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