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Ask Scott: Shipping Container Facility

“Does anyone have any experience with shipping container storage facilities? I’m looking for container suppliers.  Planning to start with a few 10 x 20 containers and see how it goes.  Anyone with experience who’s brain I can pick. We are looking to diversify from Buy and Hold RE.” Hey! The Shipping Containers that we recommend …

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Tips for Combining Households

There is no refuting that combining two households is an exciting time and step in life. This time, though, can also bring its fair share of stress. Don’t let disagreements dampen your enthusiasm! Take heed of the advice below when starting down the path of combining your lives together. Ditch the Clutter Making yourselves a …

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Ask Scott: “On Demand Storage”

“Curious if you have researched this new business model of “On Demand Storage”?  I noticed UHaul appears to be going “all in” on the U-Box.  In Texas we have seen Call Box Storage open up in DFW, Austin, and Houston.  There are several others that appear to be off and running – Makespace, Stash Storage, …

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When the Worst Case Scenario Happens

There are horror stories about self storage facilities all over. You read them in the paper, see them portrayed on tv shows, and maybe have even experienced some yourself. Have you ever thought to take a step back, though, and make a plan on what to do if you find yourself and your facility in …

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Ask Scott: Equilibrium Sq Ft per Person in Rural Areas

“I have read that for determining equilibrium a good rule of thumb is to use an avg of somewhere between 7-8 sq ft of self storage per person within the radius you are analyzing.  However we all know each market is very different.  In analyzing small towns in more rural areas what number do people suggest …

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Manage You Self Storage Investment with Care

If you are the owner of a self storage facility, you are one of the many who helped to break some industry records! With so much competition popping up, passive management is no longer an option! If you want to survive the boom in the industry, you are going to have to dig your heels …

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Ask Scott: Getting Started in Self Storage

“Hey Scott! I’m looking for some ideas on how to get started. I listened to a few BP podcasts yesterday on self-storage, launromats, RV parks, etc. but was hoping to get a bit more granular on specific steps one should take in order to: explore the market (resources for this – where to look, etc.) find prospective …

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3 Tips for Self Storage Newbies

I’m a member of a few real estate forums out here on the interwebs, and I get notified when the topic of self storage becomes active. So, when I spy a post where someone is about to make a major mistake because of their laziness or outright ignorance (and I say that with peace and love), …

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Where To Find Self Storage Facilities For Sale

Okay, so you’re convinced that you want to look at buying an existing self-storage facility, but how do you go about finding suitable business opportunities? Well as we’ve already discussed, with all of the advantages that self-storage facilities offer, this makes it difficult to find a number of facilities for sale compared to other property …