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1 Scott Meyers

Hey there, I want to invite you to our special Self Storage Academy LIVE event.  This is an event you absolutely do not want to miss out on. Over the past year my partners and I have purchased more than 5,000 units totaling more than 1 MILLION square feet of self storage across the country. At this event, we are going to show you exactly how we did it.

2 We’re the best at what we do…

Since 1993, our organization has been buying and selling real estate with investors from coast to coast. Along the way, we have created the most advanced systems being used to invest in virtually every market in the Country.

Bottom line, we know what we’re doing! This is a rare opportunity to learn from some real pros in a live setting.

3 This is NOT a multi-speaker pitch fest.

You’ll hear from members of our team, trusted partners, and successful students – that’s it! Not a bunch of “so-called” experts pitching you on the next get rich quick scheme. We guide you through a curriculum-based experience that provides you with real, actionable information you can implement immediately.

4 It is NOT 3 days of case studies from 2006…

Everything you’ll see and hear are the strategies that are working RIGHT NOW.  You can “Plug and Play” these strategies into your own investing plan. You will leave The Self Storage Academy with a blueprint to begin implementing immediately. This is the year to launch your self storage career, and now, you can have the best in the business show you how.

5 It is 100% intermediate
to advanced content

At times it will feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose, but you’ll never be bored or underwhelmed. If you haven’t already consumed our Home Study Content, then this is NOT your event.

6 Take Your Game To The Next Level.

The secret to success is not a tactical strategy or business process – it’s the result of focus and Execution. At the Self-Storage Academy, you will connect and learn from highly successful people who are going to share their experience and knowledge. You will learn how to make a mental shift, how to execute a plan once you leave, and how to achieve amazing results and balance in business and life.

7 Experiences from past attendees speak volumes

Knowing your academy is good is one thing. Having people testify to that fact is another. Here are just 3 of our dozens of happy academy attendees. Let their own words solidify why YOU should be at the Self Storage Academy.

“After attending the Self Storage Academy, my father David and I found a 115 unit, Bank owned Facility worth $600,000. We bought it for $310,000 and the Bank Financed the entire amount PLUS a new Gate System, and agreed to 4 months no payments at 4% for 20 years with a 10-year balloon!”

  • Cody Babb

We presented a project that we had been “eyeing” for quite some time. It was a unique and challenging conversion opportunity in a VERY Strong Market. We were blown away by the feedback and the suggestions we received …Having multiple sets of experienced eyes to dive deep into the details of how to unlock the potential in this site allowed us to solidify our plans moving forward and I can’t wait to share our progress…

  • Marc Stella
  • You tear a deal down and then you put it back together with the assistance of the group. The first day was, I think, six or seven deals, and the second day was even more, so I feel like I got a large amount of exposure to a variety of deals all the way from a small deal of like $250,000 all the way up to deals in excess of $2 million.

  • Matt Woeber
  • 8 Guaranteed CONSUMPTION of content!

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve already invested thousands…maybe even tens of thousands of dollars in your education. And you know what? That’s a good thing! But if you’re anything like me, you have products on your shelf that still have the shrink-wrap on them.

    As business owners and marketing professionals, it’s hard to balance continuing education and actually growing your business. But with The Self Storage Academy, there’s not a question of whether or not you’ll consume the content we’re providing to you. You’ll be in a different city…away from your business and away from distraction. This time YOU WILL consume the information…YOU WILL get immediate value from your investment and above all, YOU WILL make more money because of it.

    9 Dollar for dollar there’s no better way to
    invest your MONEY

    In the point above, I talked about how The Self Storage Academy is equal to the amount of information in four or five big box information products. Well, when you consider that most (if not all) big ticket home study courses retail for $997 – $1,997, you would need to spend $5,000 – $10,000 just to get the same AMOUNT of information you’re going to get during this 3-day workshop. And again, that’s just what you would need to spend to get the same AMOUNT of information…not the same QUALITY of information.

    The truth is, most big box information products are 60 – 70% fluff, and NONE of them (not even our own high ticket home study courses) cover what we’ll be covering at this event.


    10 Unprecedented ACCESS to me, my team, and other “Players” in the market.

    The biggest benefit that live events have over books and home study courses is the access that you have to the expert. With live events, you don’t have to worry about emailing customer support and waiting to get an answer. You just ASK ME! But in addition to having increased access to me, you’ll also have access to my team and other “A Players” in the self storage industry.

    Not just to “network”…but to LEARN. There will also be a number of underground millionaires you’ve never heard of, who, single handedly, make A LOT more than all big name speakers you’ll see at the self storage trade shows – combined! These Self-Storage rock stars keep a low profile, but if you ask a lot of questions and buy a few cups of coffee, or drinks at the bar, you’re bound to meet one or more of them.


    - Zera Logan & Kendra Staheli
    Springville, UT

    - Edwin Roark
    Georgetown, TX

    - James Tran
    Tomball, TX

    Chuck Thompson

    “The education that Scott and his team gave me at the Self Storage Academy helped me think more creatively about partnerships and the relationships in these property deals. I have used the knowledge to put together my first deal with a partner. The ongoing support from Scott has been phenomenal.”

    Alberto Bernardoni

    “If you are still thinking about participating in the educational training programs with Scott Meyers, I can tell you that learning with Scott and taking action will definitely change your life! I’m sure we are going to meet at one of his future events and I would be happy to tell you my successful story. Take action and join our team to turn all your dreams into a wonderful and happy reality.”

    Greg Roche

    “There are 2 things that really impressed me about this event. 1 – the amount of information that they provide in 3 days. 2 – it’s great to meet Scott’s team and see what they did to help us out. True value of being here is meeting all the other attendees of the class, learn where they’re at and potentially partner with them in the future.”

    Mark Torok

    “After attending The Self-Storage Academy, we bought a 373 unit facility in San Antonio at an 11% cap rate. We paid $1,275,000 and we borrowed over $900,000 even in these so called “hard credit times” and partnered with a private investor for a $0 money down deal! The annual positive cash flow is now over $100,000.00!”

    Casey Cavell

    “Last year, I bought your home study course and attended The Self Storage Academy boot camp. These gave me all of the tools needed to solidify my first deal at age 23. The unique tactics taught at boot camp allowed me to find a solid property that best fit my personal needs. Upon purchasing the facility, one of your ‘no money down’ techniques saved me thousands of dollars. I now enjoy the success of remotely managing my property and still live four hours from the facility.”

    Tristan Hunt

    “This weekend has been amazing for us we learned how to network. We’ve also learned to send out letters, talk about how to find the locations that we’re looking for, how to vet them and make sure we have the right finances in place. It’s been an amazing weekend and we learned so much in a short period! If you missed this weekend, you really need to get signed up for the next one, because you missed an overflow of information and encouragement.”


    You will need a ticket for entry, but accessibility to our FULL team during the event is FREE.

    We secure hotels in either the downtown city or close to the airport for convenience of those traveling. Once you purchase your ticket and reserve your place, full hotel information will be sent with room block information included. PLEASE NOTE: Because Scott’s events book quickly, We strongly suggest securing your place at least 30 prior to the event.

    All meals you will be on your own. Because of this our event planning staff will attempt to make convenient arrangements for you during the run of the event at the hotel.

    The dress code for the event is casual. We do suggest that you bring a sweater or light jacket with you for when you are in the classroom. The meeting rooms can be on the cold side!

    Please see the agenda listed above. For those of our attendees traveling for this event, we suggest planning to arrive Wednesday evening before the event starts.  Flying out on Sunday will ensure that you are available for all sessions and the full event run. Feel free to make a mini-vacation out of your trip! Arrive a few days before or stay after and take in local sites in the area!

    YES! If your organization wishes to sponsor the Academy please contact our event coordinator to discuss packages available at events@selfstorageinvesting.com.

    You are looking for a run time in the room from 8 am to 6 pm daily. Any exceptions or changes to the agenda will be announced in the room daily by Scott or the team.

    We suggest to all students to have been through The Complete Guide to Finding, Evaluating, & Purchasing Self Storage Facilities™ Home Study Course manual and training videos, PLUS the Self Storage Valuator Training before arriving to the Academy to ensure that you can follow along with all terms and training during the sessions. If you do not already possess Scott’s Home Study Course and are interested in learning more about this, please call 866-693-5999 ext.5 so that our team can assist you.

    You can email your additional questions to our office at info@selfstorageinvesting.com or call our support team at 866-693-5999 ext.0. Our staff is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern time.

    Indianapolis, IN
    May 2-4, 2019


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