Scott Meyers'

Private Money &
Syndication Summit

“How to get all the private money...
That you’ll ever need”

Grab a pen and mark your calendars!

Our next
Private Money and Syndication Summit
will take place on
December 5th-7th, 2019,
in Austin, TX

This is your opportunity to see cutting-edge syndication strategies that are creating a killing for a “select group” of commercial real estate investors and self-storage professionals.

Here’s the reality: the economy is making it difficult for most commercial real estate investors, but there are a “handful” that are doing better than they were BEFORE the recession!

Those that are clinging to the old methods of investing are slowly dying off. Just take a look around… But those that are quick to adapt are taking control of the marketplace and creating serious wealth right in front of your very eyes by tapping into the over 32 billion private money arena.

For this reason, I have put together a power team comprised of myself, my SEC syndication attorney, and my real estate 401k & self-directed IRA expert, for our annual Private Money & Syndication Summit. At this special mastermind with my POWER TEAM, we’ll be revealing what we’ve been up to that has resulted in 7 figures in “found money” for me and my team.

Here's what's included in 3 days of training from me & my SEC syndication attorney and my real Estate 401k and self-directed IRA expert:

 Accredited investors, debt partners and equity partners defined, and how we approach each of them.

 CrowdFunding – How to successfully use crowd funding sources and various group funding websites to purchase a self storage facility.

 Mezzanine Financing – How the “Mezz” lenders operate, and how to use them to create $0 money down deals.

 How to get private lenders to partner with you, even if you’ve never done a deal and your credit is “shakey”

 How and where to find angel investors, deep pocket individuals and big money associations.

 The SEC rules and laws you must know to protect yourself when approaching the private investors.

 Proper Entity Structures and TICs (Tenants in Common)

 Step by Simple Step – How we set up our PPM’s (Private Placement Memorandums) and syndicates, showing what’s in it for the investors, what’s in it for you, and what’s included in the operating and subscription agreements.

That's not all, you will also learn:

 How to get private lenders begging to do deals with you – at rates and terms you never thought possible.
 How to use self-directed IRA’s and real estate 401k’s to
secure real estate
 The proper way to build a winning credibility kit and website
 The proper way to create an attractive investment offering, and the best ways to present to angel investors, life insurance companies,
REIA clubs and individuals.
 How to become a part of our own syndicate and participate in buying deals with me and my team, and how to earn an acquisition fee of $10,000 to pay for this event, PLUS $10,000 each and every time you purchase your own deal or refer one to us!

Whether you are just getting started or a commercial pro wondering where the new money is….
then you MUST do whatever it takes to get to this event.

We've also thrown out the formal
agenda, with the exception of these
3 crucial areas:

 We’re going to review several private money case studies, and share a handful of personal pocket listings of facilities being marketed “underground” – for the group to underwrite and discuss. Plus: you get the first crack at them before the general public even knows about them.
 We’ll quickly and personally review any deal you bring, underwrite it, and move towards placing the offer and lining up funding.
 You’ll meet our own private lending broker, founder of one of the fastest growing private money firms in the country “show and tell” what’s REALLY happening in the financial markets.

Listen, this isn’t our home study course re-hashed, or a condensed version of our 3 day
Self Storage Academy. We’re getting off the stage, ditching the microphone, taking off the ties, rolling up our sleeves, and revealing all our pro-level secrets used by A-list private money and self storage professionals at this one of a kind – shoot it to you straight –Private Money & Syndication Summit.

Mega Bonus One

You will also get the Self Storage Valuator Software to create your own property packages…… A $200 Value

Mega Bonus Two

You will receive a private money PowerPoint presentation that you can use to give your own presentations to private money groups…… A $1,000 Value!
…… A $200 Value

Mega Bonus Three

Your own copy of Scott’s personal business plan to customize and share with your private lenders…… A $2,000 Value!

Mega Bonus Four

The recordings of 3 days personally taught by Scott Meyers and his Private Money Power Team… A $4,000 Value

Mega Bonus Five

Private Money & Syndication Academy Manual…… A $900 Value!

Proven Success

“After using your techniques and strategies from the Private Money Event, I acquired my 1st property on 12/31/2013 WITH NO MONEY DOWN. I just paid closing costs! 217 Units with 50 Parking spaces and cash from day 1! Now I’m working on my second property”

Drew Habib

Private Money

“After attending the Private Money & Syndication Summit, my father David and I found a 115 unit, Bank owned Facility worth $600,000. We bought it for $310,000 and the Bank Financed the entire amount PLUS a new Gate System, and agreed to 4 months no payments at 4% for 20 years with a 10-year balloon!”

Cody Babb

First Deal

“Using the education that Scott and his team gave me in the Private Money & Syndication Summit really helped me think more creatively about partnerships and the relationships in these property deals. I have used that knowledge to put together my first deal with a partner. The ongoing support and encouragement from Scott and his team have given me confidence to be able to find, analyze and close this deal. I am very excited about my future and the development of relationships with investors and partners, and I wouldn't be here without Scott's great systems.”

Chuck Thompson

If you want to learn how to put together a group of private money investors that will fund your big deals, this is the place to be. Many existing private money people attend this event, just to meet and get to know investors who are investing in the most profitable asset class in real estate; self storage. So if you’re sick of waiting for the market to “turn around,” then learning how to finance deals with private money will allow you to close all the great deals out there to be had during this recession. And if you’re like me, I’m impatient, and would rather adapt and take advantage, rather than wonder, and wish what could have been. Don’t let the greatest “property grab” in our lifetime pass you by……. Put us to the test and see for yourself whether this event is a game changer in your business and your life. I look forward to meeting you and helping you become wealthy!

P.S. Our last event filled up fast, so if you want to ensure your seat, call us at 866-693-5999 NOW and say “save me a seat at your Private Money & Syndication Summit!”