The Complete Guide to Finding, Evaluating and Purchasing Self-Storage Facilities™ Home Study System!

This step-by-step system isn’t just another home study system, it’s the exact business plan and tools we use day in and day out to find, evaluate, and buy self-storage facilities nationwide!

The Benefits:

The Facts

The self storage business may seem familiar to you, but it’s actually re-inventing itself in so many important and exciting ways, and is widely regarded as the most profitable and easily managed real estate investment in the country.

  • Self-storage is a $22.6 billion industry that comprises over 24 million units in the United States alone!
  • Roughly 45% of those facilities have been added in the last seven years – talk about high demand!
  • 77 Million baby boomers are retiring, moving, downsizing, buying 2nd homes…and looking for self-storage units!
  • Taxes, insurance, and utilities are lower than any other property class, therefore not as susceptible to large tax increases!

Study at your own pace or invest in storage units right away!

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Included in The Complete Home Study System are specific systems that maximize efficiencies in all areas:

The Complete Home Study System Includes:

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