Discover How To Create Legacy, Wealth Cashflow, And Financial Freedom With Self Storage Facilities!

3-Day Live Self Storage Academy In Mesa, Arizona!

The LIVE Academy Starts: January 11-13 2024
(8:30 AM MST - 5:00 PM MST)

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The Self Storage Live Academy - January 11-13, 2024
(8:30 AM MST - 5:00 PM MST)

Where You Will Discover And Learn How To:

Create a flowing pipeline of self storage facility deals in the most consistent and profitable markets.
Build your money magnet to ATTRACT endless capital from private investors for your deals.
Tap into a network of proven deal makers and the must-have resources in your self storage rolodex.
Leverage our exact systems & automation to create a market edge with your self storage facilities' Net Operating Income (NOI).
And so so much more!
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Skip The School Of Hard Knocks And Tap Into Our Industry Leading Proven Self Storage System

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"Unbeatable deal ever!"

"This event exceeded my expectations with its valuable content, well-executed plan, and exceptional individuals. Highly recommended!"

Your Bundle :

Two Tickets to the LIVE Storage Academy
($1,997 Value)

Two Cocktail Hour Networking Events
($Priceless Value)

Lifetime Access To The PDFs Of Presentation
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Two One-On-One Success Advisory Sessions
($500 Value)

Instant Access Bonus Underwriting Self Storage Gems Course
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Instant Access Bonus The Profit Elevating Self Storage Management Course
($997 Value)

Instant Access Bonus Self Storage Demographic Secrets Course
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Instant Access Bonus To The Self Storage Valuator 2.0 With Instructional Videos
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Instant Access Bonus To The Self Storage Home Study Course
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Live Bonus 45-Minute Underwriting Session
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Live Bonus Virtual Facility Tour
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Total Value:


$1,497 Only

     Get Your Tickets for Only $1,497!

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It's Not A Secret... It's A System!

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It's true...
Over 93% of millionaires have built and created their generational wealth with Real Estate.
And honestly... There is no secret behind it.
Because the truth is, understanding HOW to acquire Real Estate for cashflow is an extremely repeatable process.
There’s just a ton of misinformation, strategies, and asset classes out there that can put you on the wrong path very quickly.
But don't worry.... There's a better way.
A way to guide you to skip all the headaches…
Skip the school of hard knocks…
Skip all the shiny new, distracting strategies and asset classes.
And focus on the #1, proven, recession-resistant asset class.
Self Storage.
And yes, it gets even better!

We Designed This Live Self Storage Academy To Hand You Everything You NEED To Be Successful, Starting Day 1.

We hand you our 20+ years of experience we’ve built by creating an $82,000,000+ Self Storage Portfolio.
            -The Do’s and Don'ts
            -The Systems
            -The Networks
            -The Markets
            -The Strategies
            -The "Secrets"
If all of this sounds too good to be true, I want to encourage you to keep scrolling on this page and hear from other people…
People probably just like you…
People who didn’t start with a silver spoon.
People with families & other careers.
And hear their story of how they closed their very first Self Storage facility to create their freedom & legacy.
This is a proven, fundamental, repeatable system that gets results. Quickly.
            1. It DOES NOT require years of experience
             2. Spending 24 hours a day cold calling
             3. Or wasting your entire weekend driving for dollars.
My offer is super simple.
When you tap on any of the buttons on the page, It will take you to finalize your registration for our virtual academy coming up.
It’s 3 days of live, value-packed, no-fluff content specifically designed to install everything we’ve learned & built from our success into yours.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
See if the school of hard knocks & shiny objects gets you there quicker.

That choice is yours.

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- Join Us At This Live 3-Day Live Event-

Discover The Secrets To Boosting Your Self Storage Investment Success, Leveraging Our Two Decades Of Hard-Earned Experience, Knowledge, Connections, And Strategies – Tailored Specifically For The Savvy Investor.

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Tap into over 15 hours of proven education & experience. This no fluff content to put you on the fast-track to skip the headaches from the school of hard knocks.

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Your Network Is Your Net Worth. Self storage is no different. Tap into a new network of proven deal makers operating in this industry at the highest level.

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Walk away from The Virtual Self Storage Academy with a proven plan and system to build your self storage business successfully. This has worked for 100s of others just like you.

Scott Meyers presenting his master class with projected image, captivated audience in rows of seats.


We’ll hand you the exact action plan to succeed in your self storage business. This blueprint has led to hundreds of our students to creating financial freedom through self storage.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Scott Meyers!

I am known as the Nation’s Leading Expert in the self storage business.

And... it's true.

We've built a pretty incredible self storage portfolio from the ground up with over 90,000 units totaling more than 12 MILLION square feet of self storage across the country.

But honestly, we're far more proud of the 100s of people we've helped change their lives & legacy by teaching and implementing everything we've created to run a successful self storage business over the last 30 years.

The only question is...

Will you be next?

Image of Scott Meyers in a blue blazer with a white dress shirt, with a storage door in the background.

Register For The Live Academy Today And Access Our Proven Systems For Self Storage Success!

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Locate Deals

Copy our proven, step by step process to creating a well oiled deal flow machine.

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Best Questions To Ask

Learn the top questions you must ask every seller when evaluating self storage deals.

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Underwrite Like A Pro

Master market analysis by learning the financial language of a self storage business.

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Financing & Structuring

How to finance your first facility by tapping into my proven lenders and equity partners.

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Offer Making 101

The 3 things you MUST know before making an offer. (Seriously, these 3 keys could make or break your success)

Create Self Storage Success Today!

The Home Study System Includes

Icon of three page document

196 Page Manual

Used with video & audio files to create and execute your own business plan for successful self storage investing in 90 days or less!

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Audio & Video Workshop recording

Get a teaching experience that will cement these concepts and amplify the techniques; With coaching only the nation’s leading self storage expert can provide.

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The Self Storage Valuator Software™

This fool-proof software will save countless hours of critical calculations, with a level of accuracy that eliminates easily overlooked but extremely costly errors.

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The Forms & Document Library

Includes 18 various checklists, agreements, contracts, spreadsheets, mailers, purchase contract and accompanying forms for buying self storage facilities.

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Scott’s Fast Start Guide

Step-by-step 90-day checklist guiding you from day 1 to day 90…and closing your first self storage deal!

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Step-By-Step SOPs

Step-by-step instructions on how to execute our $82 million business plan in your own business!

Why Self Storage Out Performs Every Other Possible Asset Class & Investment Vehicle

Strong demand: Self storage facilities are in high demand. People ALWAYS need extra space to store their belongings. This demand has proven consistent even during economic downturns and recessions.
Recession-resistant: Self storage facilities are recession-resistant investments. Regardless of the economic climate, people are always moving or downsizing and need storage as a service.
Steady income: Self storage facilities provide a steady income stream through tenant monthly rent payments. Stack that with fewer ongoing headaches or labor wages, it's the perfect storm for an impressive NOI!
Low maintenance: Self storage facilities require relatively low maintenance compared to other real estate investments. Think about it... NO live-in tenants. NO toilets. NO headaches.
Scalability: Investing in self storage facilities can be scalable as more units can be added to the property to increase revenue and profits. As well as add additional services to generate forced appreciation of the facility.
Diversification: Self storage facilities can diversify an investor's portfolio by adding exposure to the real estate market.
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear What Some Of Our Students Have Accomplished After Taking Action On This Event!

5 yellow stars
“I woke up at 5am to drive to our 8am closing and was wondering do I really want to do this? But I trusted our training and followed through. We are on track to beat Moore’s law, doubling our units (or cash flow) every 18 months. Still a lot of work ahead, but at least we can drink wine in our office! (Not cool at my city job)”

- Faith & Kerry

Faith and Kerry, arm around, smiling.
5 yellow stars
“After attending the Self Storage Academy, my father David and I found a 115 unit, Bank owned Facility worth $600,000. We bought it for $310,000 and the Bank Financed the entire amount PLUS a new Gate System, and agreed to 4 months no payments at 4% for 20 years with a 10-year balloon!”

- Cody

Cody in green polo, smiling by French door.
5 yellow stars
“I came to this event knowing that I was going to learn about self storage, but it’s really beyond my wildest dreams, about the content, the plan, just the people that Scott surrounded himself with. So it’s been an absolute pleasure, and very gratifying. Would recommend to anybody.”

- Tom

A cheerful man in a green polo and glasses holds a badge, with two people conversing in the background.

Buy Now & Save!
For A Limited Time Only $8173 $1,497!

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Live Academy Agenda

(8:30 AM MST - 5:00 PM MST)

Day 1

Why Self Storage Is The Best Asset Class During Boom-And-Bust Markets

Registration @ 8 AM

How To Market To Fill Your Funnel

Funding And Lender Requirements

Deal Evaluation

Virtual Facility Tour

Cocktail Hour And Networking

Day 2

Working With A Broker

Self Storage Case Study

Using A Self-Directed IRA / 401k

Cocktail Hour And Networking

Day 3

Facility Management

Self Storage Deal From Start To Finish

How To Avoid Mistakes In Self Storage

Keys To Success As A Self Storage Investor

Our Guarantee To You

Gold badge with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on it

Self Storage Investing is on a mission to help & empower people to find real success with self storage investing. Our guarantee to you is simple.
Since we put so much effort into the relationship with you, we hope that any investment in us is exactly how you hoped it would be.

Because by choosing at any level, we promise to provide you with incredible value to fall in love with over and over again.

Yes! I want this Academy

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