High inflation got you a little nervous about investing right now? A little anxious that things might even get worse?  

Scott has the antidote for that How about an in-depth case study on a game changing deal to give you a positive shot in the arm and break you out of your slump!

On this workshop, case study, celebration…Webinar, I’ll break the deal down step by step to show you: 

  1. The Specific Marketing strategy that led us to this off market deal. 
  2. How we crafted a TRUE win-win offer that the seller couldn’t refuse. 
  3. You’ll see the Market Study findings as well as the original underwriting and Financial Projections. 
  4. Then we’ll dive into the winning investor package that funded the deal in record time. 
  5. We’ll throw in some of the 11th hour theatrics, and how the deal was saved…
  6. Then, the specific steps we took to blow those original projections out of the water!