The World's Easiest
Self-Storage Analysis Software

Finally, Self Storage Investing Software that lets you identify strong opportunities,
acquire Self-Storage Facilities with Confidence, and do it with a few clicks of a mouse.

Self Storage Analysis and Investment Software that Lets You...

  • Confidently Analyze Self-Storage Facilities with a few Mouse Clicks…
  • Quickly weed out the time wasters…
  • Determine NOI, Cap Rate, Monthly Cash Flow, Cash on Cash Return, cost per square foot, debt service coverage ratio, break even point, Loan to Value, cap rate sensitivity, future projections, and much more…
  • Analyze for Current value, best and worst case scenarios, stabilization value, and exit strategy target value
  • Finally Break Down the Barriers to Successful Investing…
  • The Easiest Self Storage Analysis Software on the Planet…

    The Self Storage Valuator’s focus on simplicity, clarity and ease of use makes it truly unique.

    For years, commercial real estate software was about charts, graphs, stats and pouring over reams of numbers. And you know what? It didn’t work. Colorful charts and financial statement numbers don’t get investment results unless they’re easily analyzed and used as part of a proven investment strategy. And that strategy MUST be easy to use, or you won’t use it.

  • Top Choice for Self Storage Professionals…

    The Self Storage Valuator is the top choice for DIY individual investors, Regional Players, Self Storage Brokers, and Seasoned Self-Storage Entrepreneurs, plus it’s so easy to use, it’s difficult to do anything wrong.

  • Optimize Your Portfolio for Higher Profits and Less Risk with the Touch of a Button…

    Are you still analyzing Self Storage deals by the seat of your pants? Are you still using another form of real estate software, or a notepad and computer to determine the value of a facility?

    If so, then it’s time to upgrade to the Self Storage Valuator. Find solid, undervalued Self Storage Facilities and make profitable acquisitions with just a few mouse clicks. Used by thousands of investors just like you who are confidently building their Self Storage Empires.

  • Analyze More with Just a few Mouse Clicks…

    The Self Storage Valuator is the answer to Real Estate Information overload. So many opportunities, broker recommendations, financial data and investment strategies. Is this really a good deal? Will it Cash flow as my interest rate adjusts? How much leverage should I place on this facility? What’s my Target exit value and strategy?

    The Self-Storage Valuator answers all these questions and gives you a proven investment strategy in one extremely easy-to-use package. We’re confident you’ll agree it is the World’s most robust, yet easiest Self Storage Analysis and Investment Software.

  • Save Time Analyzing Facilities…

    The Self Storage Valuator tackles investing from an entirely different angle: A focus on performing detailed, income statement and cash flow statement analyses using proven Investing methods and doing it automatically with a few mouse clicks.

    Let’s face it… Financial analysis is tedious, boring and prone to human error. Exactly the type of things computers eliminate.

    The Self Storage Valuator can analyze the Net Operating Income, Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, and more in just a few minutes — a task that would take the best underwriters, and staff members, hours to complete.

    That’s the power of your computer and the Self Storage Valuator software.

  • Whether you are a buy and hold investor or choose to Wholesale Facilities, the Self Storage Valuator can help increase your returns and lower your risk.
  • It’s taken more than 10 years of development and tuning to compile and create this Self Storage Analysis software tool and it can put you light-years ahead of other investors. Why? Because stellar results come from continually doing the right thing over a long period of time.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside ...

Stop “Guessing” When It Comes To Self
Storage Valuations!

Successful Self Storage investors don't. They grow their portfolio by investing wisely in
only the best facilities, with the strongest fundamentals, selling at discount prices.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive when
using the Self Storage Valuation Software:

  • By purchasing only facilities that are selling at a discount to their fair value, you automatically build in a Margin of Safety.
  • You’ll avoid the garbage. A facility’s audited Financial Statements (usually) don’t lie. Offering Memorandums may lie, but Financial Statements don’t Investing without analyzing these statements is very risky.
  • You’ll be a REAL investor rather than a speculator who thinks he’s an investor
  • You’ll know the true value of a facility before you invest your hard- earned money. The Self Storage Valuator calculates the NOI, Cap Rate, Estimated Value, Monthly Cash flows, Break-even occupancy analysis and Cash on Cash Returns and much much more to increase your chance of success
  • You’ll also be analyzing the market, not just the facility. Buying a facility without performing a market analysis opens you to risk in so many ways.
  • You’ll know when to sell. I makes no sense to hold a that is no longer priced correctly. Only by knowing the fair value will you know when it’s time to get out.
  • No more sifting through over-hyped offerings by brokers and sellers. You’ll get better results in less time when you put the power of today’s easiest-to-use Self-Storage investment software to work for you.
  • You’ll be following a proven, time-tested strategy that has worked for decades and has made countless real estate investors wealthy over time.

Every Day, Countless Investors Are Using, Loving and Making
Sound Self Storage Investments with the Self Storage Valuator.

“With the help of The Self Storage Valuator, we bought a 373 unit facility in San Antonio at an 11% cap rate. We paid $1,275,000 and we borrowed over $900,000 even in these “so called” hard credit times and partnered with a private investor for a $0 money down deal! The annual positive cash flow is now over $100,000.00!”

Mark Torok

Disclosure: This person actually used the software diligently, did everything we said to do, didn’t give up, and worked hard.
Most people are lazy and won’t do this. Click to read our full Earnings Disclosure

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BONUS: Step By Step Market Analysis

In order to complete your deal analysis you must also evaluate the market in which the facility is located. Determining the demand for storage, market occupancy, and the strength of your competition are all critical factors that will determine the success of your deal. So to round out the self storage analysis equation, you’ll also get our video on “How To Analyze The Self Storage Market” — packed with the exact steps you need to take in order to size up the competitive landscape and answering questions in these critical areas:

  • What is the Propensity for Demand in a 1 to 5 Mile Radius of
    the Subject Facility
  • Determining The Supply Index based upon current
    population in the market
  • Identifying and assessing the Strength of your competitors
  • CONCLUSION: Will the market provide the ability to
    increase occupancy & revenues?

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  • $39.00

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