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Next Date Scheduled: July 20th and 21st 2021

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10 Reasons to Attend the Self-Storage Academy

      • Roel Sarmago
    I want to invite you to our special Self Storage Academy LIVE event, because this is an event you absolutely do not want to miss out on. Over the past year my partners and I have purchased more than 5,000 units totaling more than 1 MILLION square feet of self storage across the country. And at this event, we are going to show you exactly how we did it.

          • We’re the best at what we do…
        Since 1993, our organization has been buying and selling real estate with Investors of Self Storage from coast to coast. Along the way, we have created the most advanced systems being used to invest in virtually every market in the Country. Bottom line, we know what we’re doing! This is a rare opportunity to learn from some real pros in a live setting.
      • This is not a multi-speaker pitch fest.
    You’ll hear from members of our team of Self Storage Investing, trusted partners, and successful students – that’s it! Not a bunch of “so-called” experts pitching you on the next get rich quick scheme. We guide you through a curriculum-based experience that provides you with real, actionable information you can implement immediately.
          • It is not 3 days of case studies from 2006…
        Everything you’ll see and hear is the strategies that are working RIGHT NOW that you can “Plug and Play” into your own investing plan. You will leave The Self Storage Academy with a blueprint to begin implementing immediately. This is the year to launch your self storage career, and now, you can have the best in the business show you how.
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      • It is 100% Intermediate to Advanced Content

    At times it will feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose, but you’ll never be bored or underwhelmed. If you haven’t already consumed our Home Study Content, then this is NOT your event.

          • Take Your Game To The Next Level

        The key to progress is certainly not a strategic system or business process – it’s the consequence of focus and execution. At the Self-Storage Academy, you will connect and learn from highly successful people to Invest in self storage that are going to share their experience and knowledge on how to make a mental shift, how to execute once you leave, and how to achieve amazing results and balance in business and life.

      • Unprecedented access to Scott, His Team, and Other “Players” in the Market
    The greatest advantage that live occasions have over books and home study courses is the access that you have to the master. With live events, if you have an inquiry, you don’t need to stress over messaging client support and standing by to find a solution. You simply ASK ME! But, having expanded access to me, you’ll additionally approach my group and other “A Players” in the self storage industry. Not just to “network”… but to LEARN. There will likewise be various underground millionaires you’ve never known about, who, without any help, make A LOT more than all big name speakers you’ll see at the self storage trade shows – joined! These Self-Storage Rockstars stay under the radar, however in the event that you pose a great deal of inquiries and purchase a couple of cups of coffee, or beverages at the bar, will undoubtedly meet at least one of them.
          • It’s the Best Use of Your Time.
        During the 3-day Self Storage Academy, you will get roughly 20 hours of hard-hitting, no fluff content. Your average “online class” is 3 – 5 hours, so this resembles going through 3 days to expend four or five massive classes! Imagine how much more successful you will be after consuming this much content – this fast. And the truly crazy thing is that nothing… NOTHING of what you’re going to learn to Invest in storage units during this 2 days can be found in an ebook or even those expensive home study courses that seemingly get launched every week. I know because I buy every course that comes out, and believe me when I say that no one else can show you what we’re going to show you, because no one else is doing what we’re doing.
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      • Dollar for Dollar, There’s No Better Way to Invest Your Money
    In the point above, I talked about how The Self Storage Academy is equal to the amount of information in four or five big box information products. Well, when you consider that most (if not all) big ticket home study courses retail for $997 – $1,997, you would need to spend $5,000 – $10,000 just to get the same AMOUNT of information you’re going to get during this 3-day workshop. And again, that’s just what you would need to spend to get the same AMOUNT of information…not the same QUALITY of information. The truth is, most big box information products are 60 – 70% fluff, and NONE of them (not even our own high ticket home study courses) cover what we’ll be covering at this event.
          • Guaranteed Consumption of Content!
        If you’re anything like me, you’ve already invested thousands…maybe even tens of thousands of dollars in your education. And you know what? That’s a good thing! But if you’re anything like me, you have products on your shelf that still have the shrink-wrap on them. As business owners and marketing professionals, it’s hard to balance continuing education and actually growing your business. But with The Self Storage Academy, there’s not a question of whether or not you’ll consume the content we’re providing to you. You’ll be in a different city…away from your business and away from distraction. This time YOU WILL consume the information…YOU WILL get immediate value by Investing in storage units and YOU WILL make more money because of it.

Student Success Stories

Kingsland Storage Center Image Three 1

Brian Thorn & Kim Pilcher

Kingsland Storage Center

Location of Facility: 13500 Hwy 40, Kingsland, GA 31548

Square Feet: 13,700

Number of Units: 94

Method for Finding the Deal: On market

Acquisition Price: $230k 

Cap Rate at Purchase: 3.4

NET Monthly Cash Flow (After any Debt Service): Break-even to start, increasing from there.

Funding Type: Owner finance 12 months, bank loan month 13

Closing Date: May 30, 2020

Why did you like The Deal? Huge value adds, way below market rents, lots of deferred maintenance, no software – our chance to bring it up to current small-town standards. 4 ac for expansion.

The strategy you learned from Self Storage Profits, Inc. that helped you the most: How to analyze a facility, how to see the different options with purchasing.

Exit Strategy/future plans: 3-year hold, then sell or begin expansion.

Facility Website:

Scott Shannon Kimber

Scott and Shannon Kimber

Scott: “This event was a culmination of gathering all the tools necessary for a serious investor to actually be successful in this business and also an opportunity for us to meet Scott and his team and the kind of values that they expose.

If you missed weekend, what I would say is find when the next event is…

…If you’re serious about changing your life and getting into the self-storage business find the next event and go to it. Thank you for being willing to share your experience. And your passion for other people is apparent and that’s not always easy to find, out there in the real world. They’re willingness to mentor, tell it like it is to make sure that your success is their success is a breath of fresh air. We really appreciate that and we are absolutely looking forward to joining forces and doing great things.”

Shannon: “Just reiterating again what Scott said already, we know that we need to surround ourselves with people that are smarter than us. We need to stay experts in what we do and we need to surround ourselves with people who are expert in what they do. So that when we’re partnered together we’re an unstoppable force and clearly we all have God on our side and so nothing will stop us now.”

Faircloth Family

Faircloth Family (Nelson, Richard, Jonathan & Charity)

Bluff Road Self Storage

Location of Facility: Apalachicola, FL

Square Feet: 11,900

Number of Units: 114

Method for Finding the Deal: Direct Mail

Acquisition Price: $460,000

Cap Rate at Purchase: 12.58%

NET Monthly Cash Flow (After any Debt Service): $23,052

Funding Type: SBA

Closing Date: April 30, 2020

Why did you like The Deal? Cash Flow- We received funding for immediate expansion which will bring our cash flow up to $50,148 in year 2 after debt service

The strategy you learned from Self Storage Profits, Inc. that helped you the most: Underwriting- we were very conservative coming in and it will pay dividends for the life of the project.

Exit Strategy/future plans: Expand with Boxwell Portables (3,552 sqft YR1 and another 1,920 sqft YR 3)

Facility Website:

Faith and Kerry

Faith & Kerry

“I woke up at 5am to drive to our 8am closing and was wondering do I really want to do this? But I trusted our training and followed through. We are on track to beat Moore’s law, doubling our units (or cash flow) every 18 months. Still a lot of work ahead, but at least we can drink wine in our office! (Not cool at my city job)”


Mary Malloy

Ramsey Storage Center

Ramsey Storage Center had its Grand Opening yesterday, on June 11, 2020, with owner Bob Mikulak cutting the ribbon.

In attendance at the ceremony were the Mayor of Ramsey MN, John LeTourneau, as well as members of the Ramsey City Council and Chamber of Commerce.

Everyone who sees the building loves it with many commenting on how beautiful it looks!

Mattingly Thomas

Thomas Mattingly

“I came to this event knowing that I was going to learn about self-storage, but it’s really beyond my wildest dreams, about the content, the plan, just the people that Scott surrounded himself with. So it’s been an absolute pleasure, and very gratifying. Would recommend to anybody…

…If you missed this weekend you missed a great event, really incredible information, just a great group to be around. Tremendous networking, I met a lot of new friends and future business partners. There’s no real word that can describe how tremendous these people are, how giving how incredible, knowledgeable. Just a tremendous fantastic group.”

David Landoll

David and Elisabeth Landoll

Southside Storage

Thank you very much for the lovely bottle of wine to help us celebrate the closing of Southside Storage! That was very thoughtful of you, and much appreciated.

And, I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. Thank you for all that you do every day. We truly could not have done this deal without you and your organization’s help, guidance, advice, connections, experience, and encouragement…

I’m proud to be a part of this organization and looking forward to doing more deals with you going forward.

Best regards,
David and Elisabeth Landoll


Cody Babb

Lake Brown Mini Storage

“After attending the Self Storage Academy, my father David and I found a 115 unit, Bank owned Facility worth $600,000. We bought it for $310,000 and the Bank Financed the entire amount PLUS a new Gate System, and agreed to 4 months no payments at 4% for 20 years with a 10-year balloon!”

Our Expert Educators

Roel Sarmago 720p

Roel Sarmago

Coach Roel Sarmago believes that there are basically three types of people in the world: Those who are good with numbers and those who are not.

Using a balance of humor and straight-talk, Coach Roel’s passion is to empower individuals with the right knowledge, tools and inspiration to take action towards realistically achieving the lifestyle of their dreams.

Coach Roel is the author of “Undiscovered Riches: How to Find Your Hidden Wealth” and he possesses the Certified Financial Planner designation – the highest designation in the financial planning industry. He has been quoted in Money Sense Magazine and featured in several media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Seeking Alpha and the Washington Business Journal.

Realizing that his CFP training did not teach him how to invest in real estate, Coach Roel took it upon himself to seek out trainers and mentors to learn how to use OPM (Other People’s Money) to acquire income producing rental properties safely in order to take better control over his young family’s financial future. He has been actively investing since 2012 in both Canada and the U.S. utilizing strategies including long-term rentals, short-term rentals, fix and flips, rent-to-own, commercial-residential and private lending.

Coach Roel travels internationally, sharing his vision and message of financial literacy and how money truly works with the goal of inspiring others to take control of their financial future.

Rick Pendy 500px 1

Rick Pendykoski

Founder | Self-Directed Retirement Plans, LLC

Rick Pendykoski is owner of the Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC, a retirement planning firm based in Goodyear, Arizona. He has over three decades of experience working with investments and retirement planning, and over the last 10 years has turned his focus to self-directed accounts and alternative investments.

Terry Campbell

Terry Campbell

General Manager | Live Oak Bank

I have seen a lot of changes in the industry in over 25 years! I love to use my experience that I gained at a large self-storage building supplier where we also did the construction of the buildings. As a lender, I have helped people see things in their potential acquisition or new building that they may not have seen themselves, which can save them time and money.

Annie Williams

Anne Williams

Senior Associate | Marcus & Millichap

Anne Williams has served the self-storage industry for 18 years in many different capacities. She began her career at Extra Space Storage on the Acquisitions Team and later transitioned to Operations where she managed a 15-property portfolio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Jesse Luke 3

Jesse Luke

Partner | EquiCap Commercial

In 2015, I started EquiCap Commercial, and created the Self Storage Advisory Group. I have completed numerous transactions, representing both private and institutional buyers and sellers in the self-storage marketplace, with an aggregate value in excess of $120 Million.

Kathryn East 500x333 1

Kathryn East

Owner | Sopapta, LLC

Kathryn East is a Coach/Mentor for Self Storage Investing and Owner of Sopapta, LLC who helps new storage owners valuate and define facilities to fit their goals. Kathryn is also an Operations Specialist specific to self-storage with 12 years of experience in the industry from ground level to ownership.

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What They're Saying?​
circle chuck thompson

Using the education that Scott and his team gave me in the Self Storage Academy and Private Money Mastermind really helped me think more creatively about partnerships and the relationships in these property deals. I have used that knowledge to put together my first deal with a partner. The ongoing support and encouragement from Scott and his team have given me confidence to be able to find, analyze and close this deal. I am very excited about my future and the development of relationships with investors and partners, and I wouldn’t be here without Scott’s great systems.

Chuck Thompson

Greg Michael

We purchased your home study course and attended the self storage boot camp in Las Vegas in January of this year. We came away from your boot camp ready to buy our first facility. We have been in apartments for 10 years and although they have been good to us, we were ready to change from “tenants & trash” to something that wasn’t so labor or tenant intensive.

Thanks so much for imparting all the knowledge we needed to get us a great start. We are looking forward to adding several more facilities to our portfolio as we continue to “wean” ourselves out of the apartment business.

Greg Michael


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