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Invest in Self Storage
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Event Date: August 8-10, 2024 in Salt Lake City

Invest in Self Storage The Right Way

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Why Invest in

Self Storage

According to Bloomberg Markets, storage space is “… the number one alternative investment”. During recent years, self storage has seen returns in the triple digits, fueled by homeownership dropping to it’s lowest point in years after the real estate crash. Key benefits of investing in self storage properties include:

■ Resistant to Recession
■ Relatively High Returns
■ Opportunities for Consolidation
■ Lower Breakeven Occupancy Rate
■ Low Maintenance and Less Hassle

We’re Pleased to Announce Our Strategic Partnership with Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark.

Kevin Harrington is a serial American entrepreneur and business executive of 50+ years with over $6 billion in sales.

Recession resistant with relatively high returns, investing in self storage is more beneficial than other forms of real estate. Start making your money work for you so you can live the life you've always wanted.

Self storage investing trains people how to actively find, evaluate, purchase and manage self storage facilities by helping them get into their first facility and teaching them the skillset to do so repeatedly.

Drawing of three storage units. The SSI logo.Drawing of three storage units. The SSI logo.


Faith and Kerry

“I woke up at 5am to drive to our 8am closing and was wondering do I really want to do this? But I trusted our training and followed through. We are on track to beat Moore’s law, doubling our units (or cash flow) every 18 months. Still a lot of work ahead, but at least we can drink wine in our office! (Not cool at my city job)”


“After attending the Self Storage Academy, my father David and I found a 115 unit, Bank owned Facility worth $600,000. We bought it for $310,000 and the Bank Financed the entire amount PLUS a new Gate System, and agreed to 4 months no payments at 4% for 20 years with a 10-year balloon!”


“I came to this event knowing that I was going to learn about self storage, but it’s really beyond my wildest dreams, about the content, the plan, just the people that Scott surrounded himself with. So it’s been an absolute pleasure, and very gratifying. Would recommend to anybody.”

Self Storage Investing Made Simple

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The Self Storage Academy

Our Self Storage Academy covers how to:

✔ Market to find facilities
✔ Create your capital stack and the financing that goes into these projects
✔ Raise private equity
✔ Manage these facilities to drive income up and drive expenses down

The next Academy event is August 8-10.


Get Access to Our Guide

The Self Storage Investing Blueprint for Success