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Our business model is simple - teach people about Self Storage, create success stories, and eventually mastermind and partner with them. Once we have 100 Self Storage Millionaires with which to mastermind, we'll be well on our way to Total Self Storage World Domination.

- Scott Meyers

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Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers is an expert in self storage investing. As such his experiences are not necessarily typical to the standard self storage investor whose results may vary. The successes shared on this site are not considered typical. Most individuals who order the educational materials and systems probably do not follow any of the techniques or strategies and consequently make little to no money due to their inaction. The company is in the process of determining the typical success of its clients. Stories shared herein are for example purpose only and should not be construed as “guarantees” of success. Results will vary based on background, education, and experience and actions taken.