5 Reasons Why Self-Storage Investors Are on the Right Track

Are you thinking about investing in a self-storage business but aren’t sure if it’s a smart move financially? If you look at the numbers, there’s little doubt that you can make money investing in self-storage. However, many people are hesitant because they don’t know how much work you have to do. For busy professionals, putting too much …


These Are the Most Important Self-Storage Design Layout Factors

Before we delve into different self-storage designs, let’s cover the basics. Self-storage units are spaces rented by individuals, usually short-term, to store their possessions. So why are they so attractive to investors? Self-storage units are a safe and reliable investment. They’re recession-proof and had a higher return on investment than any other type of real …


Everything You Need to Know Before You Start a Self-Storage Business

Have you been looking for alternative ways to invest your money? If so, you might want to start a self-storage business. After an initial investment, self-storage units can bring in long-term passive income. The profit on self-storage is around 11%, but for most other types of businesses, it is far less. As long as you keep …


This Is How You Can Buy a Self-Storage Facility

With a total market size of $48.02 billion and projected growth of 5.45% through 2026, the self-storage industry will not disappear overnight. While recent events due to the coronavirus pandemic have slowed business and forced some owners to lower storage costs – this business climate creates the perfect opportunity for a new investor to buy self-storage facility. …

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How Much Should You Pay for a Rental Self Storage Unit?

How Much Should You Pay for a Rental Self Storage Unit? Are you renting a self storage unit? Click here to find out how much you should pay for your rental self storage unit and be sure you’re not overpaying. Is the high cost of self storage a concern? Are you tired of paying someone …

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Should You Invest in Self Storage?

Should You Invest in Self Storage? Are you looking for something profitable to invest in? Read here to find out if it is worth your time and money to invest in self storage. Real estate investment has long been a popular strategy for savvy investors looking to make big gains and create a life of …

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5 Benefits of Using a Self Storage Company

5 Benefits of a Using a Self Storage Company Are you wondering if using a self storage company is worth it? Click here for five amazing benefits of using a self storage company that you’re sure to love. Are you in desperate need of more storage? Whether you’re in the middle of a move from …

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What to Know Before Creating a Self Storage Business

What to Know Before Creating a Self Storage Business Are you ready to start your own business? Read here for everything you should know and consider before creating a self storage business. Getting into the self-storage business is a great idea. With an annual industry revenue of around £40 billion and more facilities being built …


What Is the Self Storage Industry?

The thought of having to fix your tenants’ broken toilets and deal with rental house issues isn’t exactly appeal to you. Fortunately, being a landlord who owns rental homes isn’t your only option for making money as a real estate investor. Rather than focusing on rental homes, you can focus on the self storage industry. …