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What Is The Cost of Self-Storage?

With an annual income of $39.5 billion in 2020, the self-storage industry is one of the best investment areas. You’ll diversify your investment and create an additional source of income. As a wise investor, you’re now wondering what you need to start. The goal is to see the amount of capital you’ll need and the periodic incomes …

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5 Key Steps To Starting a Self Storage Business

According to Mordor Intelligence Research, the self storage business is expected will grow to $115.62 billion by 2025. This fast-growing industry appears to be bulletproof. Though out the pandemic, people continued to seek out self storage business, whether to downside, make space for a home office, or just a change their lifestyles. If you are interested …

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Self Storage Facilities: Are They A Good Investment?

If there is one industry that has benefitted from the economic trends of the past year, it is the self storage industry. Demand for self-storage facilities has grown at an annualized rate of more than 134% this year, as people and businesses look for more space. People want somewhere to put old belongings and make way for …

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What Is Self Storage And How Does It Work?

Around 10.6% of households rent self-storage units for the extra space they offer, and people rent them for many reasons. If you’re looking for a way to earn passive income, you might want to consider investing in self-storage, as this business offers a way to make money without a lot of work. Are you interested in learning …

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What to Invest in Now – The Best Investment Opportunities You Need to Capitalize On

“If 2020 has proved anything, it’s that the market is impossible to predict, so that’s why I don’t try.“ This comment by Desmond Henry, a Kansas-based financial planner, to Forbes Magazine expresses the view of many investors.  This was after noting how earlier in the year, the S&P 500 had dropped over 33% during the …


The Best Way to Invest Savings

Are you looking for ways to generate wealth passively? You probably have already heard the numerous success stories of regular people becoming millionaires through passive investments alone. But rarely do you learn the knowledge and skills it takes to get there. We want to help you feel confident in your future investment. If you are …

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5 Must-Know Tips for Investing in Self-Storage

Sometimes, people need a little extra space. Whether it’s a house move or inherited a house full of goods, self-storage is a great solution. But what if you’ve got some money to invest? Investing in self-storage may seem intimidating at first. But with the right knowledge and resources, it can be beneficial to you. Here …

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Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Self-Storage?

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Self-Storage? When you have some money to invest, it can be challenging to choose between your options. When the economy is in flux like it has been during COVID-19, it’s a good time to look for investment opportunities that are secure that do well in uncertain times. …

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3 Major Benefits of Passive Self-Storage Investing

The self-storage industry has developed a great reputation as an excellent place for investors to make great returns. This lucrative opportunity doesn’t require active management the way many real estate investments do. Instead, you can take advantage of passive self-storage investing and do very well for yourself using the time-honored “buy and hold” approach. What …


The Self-Storage Private Money Summit Live From Dallas, Tx

This is your opportunity to see cutting-edge syndication strategies that are creating a killing for a “select group” of commercial real estate investors and self-storage professionals.

August 5th to 7th 2021