Invest in Storage Units

How to Analyze a Self-Storage Facility

Whether you’re an experienced self-storage investor or exploring the opportunities that exist in this industry, a baseline understanding of the steps to consider when acquiring a facility will aid in making smart decisions. Check out my video and learn some of the basics, such as: Eliminate the “Guesswork” When Evaluating Facilities Capitalize on Undervalued Bargains in …

Self Storage Financing

How to Finance Your Self Storage Business

Financing a self-storage acquisition has never been simple, though it can be time-consuming. Knowing about the loan products available to buyers and understanding the process will help. The first step is determining which financing best suits your needs is to define your investment goals. These days, it’s easier to buy an existing facility than to …

How to Fund Your Self Storage Purchase

How to Raise Private Funds to Buy Self Storage Facilities

In this week’s video, I share a few tips on how to find private investors to fund your self storage acquisitions. The biggest question of all is usually “Where do we find money?” How do we find and prequalify those who may be interested in investing? The answer is easier than you may think; it’s the …

Self Storage Employment

Self Storage Employment Law Explained

I realize that running a self storage business is not easy when you’re mostly trying to rent units, but self storage facility owners need to also avoid legal pitfalls to make sure they are complying with all of the laws involved with having employees. This article will discuss a few topics about employment law and the risks …

Investing in Storage Units

Self Storage Aggregators Explained

Most of the folks in the self storage industry have seen or heard a number of articles – whether located in blogs, chat rooms, etc. – about the war on the aggregators right now, which is being led by one self storage operator in Texas. During this controversy, I’ve been sitting back in the sidelines, talking …


Defining Self Storage

In 2012, the self storage business reached $2.1 billion in sales. This number, along with the business’ minimal planning for tenants to rent space, has attracted investors who are looking a way to expand their business operations. With eyes on the prize, there is no surprise why there are investors who don’t even know what self-storage …

Self Storage Investing

Self Storage Franchises Explained

We’ve had a lot of visitors to our website seeking information on Self Storage Franchises. I posted a video on our YouTube channel where you can learn everything you need to know. Check it out below!

Invest in Self Storage

How to Start a Self Storage Business

You’ve probably read from Inc. Magazine or Wall Street Journal or Entrepreneur Magazine why self storage is the fastest growing sector of real estate and small business in the U.S. over the past several years especially during this recession. I was like you several years ago, an almost bankrupt landlord in the tenant-toilet business with over 400 …

Investing in Self Storage

Looking Back at the Self Storage Industry

In the last decade, the most profitable and sure-fire real estate investment was not grand office buildings or trendy restaurants or luxury resorts – it was simply just self storage. Self storage continues to grow year over year mainly because of two things. First, Americans move a lot. There are only a handful of families …